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Adoption Law

Adopting a child can be a lengthy, stressful, and expensive ordeal, and the whole experience can cause a lot of anxiety and disappointment when you are unprepared.  From the initial interview, to the required home study, prospective parents will need to be extremely patient and knowledgeable about the process. 
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Adopting a child in Colorado isn't a decision to be taken lightly. There are many conditions that should be met - both legally, financially and emotionally. This article takes a look at what these factors are and will help you decide if adoption is right for you.
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While adoption is a well established procedure, it's still fairly uncommon enough for society to have a skewed view towards families who have admitted an adopted child into their home. The problem arises from uncertainty as to whether or not the children should be treated differently by society, not to mention certain children who can derive pleasure from psychologically tormenting others.

In this article, we take a look at how each family must decide for itself the level or privacy it wants to have regarding an adoption.

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Infant Adoption in Colorado

Friday, 21 August 2009

An overview of Infant Adoption in Colorado and some of the things that must be kept in mind. Explains the process of adoption and how it can differ from regular adoption.


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Stepparent Adoption in Colorado

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

In many cases, when a custodial parent remarries, the stepparent assumes a parental role in a child’s life.  By providing emotion support and being a role model, he or she forms a bond with the child that goes beyond that of their parent’s husband or wife.  While many families are able to balance the role of both birth parents and allow the non-custodial parent to remain involved in a child’s life, there are unfortunately many instances where the non-custodial birth parent fails to maintain any kind of relationship with their child.  This can occur by virtue of not spending time with the child and/or failure to pay court-ordered child support.  It is in these cases that a stepparent may wish to formally adopt the step-child. 

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Russian Adoption

Friday, 01 May 2009

Many people in Colorado Springs choose to adopt a child from Russia instead of the United States. One of the primary reasons for this is that there is a perception that the US system will not help them out as much as they would like. They fear rejection for a variety of reasons including being too young, too old, or single. A Russian adoption is perceived to be less restrictive. As a result, Russia has come to send the third largest number of adoptions to the USA.

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This article provides a background on International adoptions in Colorado Springs. Read more to explore the eligibility and the role of international adoption agencies.

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Colorado Adoption Laws Overview

Friday, 19 December 2008

Colorado Adoption is covered in Article 5 of Title 19 in the Colorado Revised statutes dealing with the Children's Code. There are many technicalities involved in adoption and it is very much advised that you get an attorney specializing in Colorado Adoption to ensure that all goes smoothly. Nonetheless, this article will assist you in getting some idea of what is required to both put a child up for adoption as well as how to adopt a child in accordance with Colorado Law.

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Adoptions In Colorado Springs

Thursday, 20 December 2007
Adoptions in Colorado is an area particularly enjoyed by the attorneys at the Marrison Family Law LLC in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We also serve Pueblo County, Douglas County, Fremont County, and Teller County. Colorado is one of five states that do not allow private adoptions. Adoptions are done through an adoption agency. This does not mean that you do not need an adoption lawyer.
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