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blog-logoIt only makes sense when you think about it, that bankruptcy and divorce would go hand in hand.  After all, money problems are often a major cause of stress in a marriage, and they are one of the most common reasons for seeking a divorce.  As a family law attorney at a Colorado Springs law firm, I see some couples who don’t know which to do first – file for a divorce or file for bankruptcy. 

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blog-logoThe Internet has given rise to many no-nonsense divorce methods, all designed to save a couple the thousands of dollars that might otherwise be spent on lawyers.  While the lawyer-less approach to divorce may be sensible for some people, it is certainly not for everyone.  As a Pueblo CO divorce lawyer, I have worked with many clients who started out with a do-it-yourself divorce, only to end up in court trying to undo the damage. 

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blog-logoIf you are getting a divorce in Colorado, then you may be preparing for a long and drawn out battle, but not every couple needs to go that route.  More and more, couples are trying to find common ground and write their own divorce agreements.  While this approach is certainly not for everyone, it can be done.  As a Pueblo CO divorce lawyer, I have worked with several couples who decided to split the cost of hiring one attorney to handle the filing of paperwork, and handled the rest of the details on their own. 

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blog-logoIf the title of this article confuses you, then you are not alone.  It’s called “doublespeak”, a language that intentionally disguises or distorts the meaning of words, or uses euphemisms that sound a lot better than their actual meaning (i.e., calling layoffs “corporate downsizing”).  So what does a Pueblo CO divorce lawyer have to do with doublespeak?  Hopefully nothing, if you hire the right attorney. But I bring up the concept to warn you that you may be facing “intentional ambiguity” from attorneys who want your business. 

Hiring a lawyer in a divorce is always a lot more emotional than hiring another type of attorney.  Usually, in the first sitting alone, a prospective attorney learns more details about your personal life than most of your closest friends, and some of them know how to use this information to sell you their services.

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blog-logoIf you are getting divorced in Colorado, you may have heard that the marital settlement agreement is the hardest part.  While it all depends on how long you have been married, and how complicated your finances are; the division of marital assets is never easy.

As a Colorado Springs divorce lawyer, I’ve seen some couples struggle with every line of these agreements, while others get stuck on one issue – retirement plans.  The problem with dividing retirement plans in a divorce is that one party usually has a larger retirement plan than the other.  The person who has earned the larger share of the money often has a sense of “entitlement”, which can further complicate matters. 

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blog-logoOver the past several decades, divorce laws have changed quite a bit in Colorado and practically every other state.  Not long ago, before no-fault divorce, it was quite common for a man to pay his ex-wife alimony indefinitely, especially if the judge had determined the divorce was his fault.  Similarly, if it could be proven that the wife was at fault, she might be denied alimony in the divorce. While divorces like these may be a thing of the past, many women find they need a spousal support attorney who can look out for their financial interests. 

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blog-logoIn the past, it was common for a woman to collect alimony from her estranged husband as part of a divorce settlement, but as women have started working outside of the home, the terminology has changed a bit.  While alimony still exists in some cases, it is more common for it to be called spousal support, spousal maintenance or temporary rehabilitative maintenance.  As a spousal support attorney in Colorado, I see many clients who are confused about this issue, so I’ve put together some of the basic facts about how and when this type of support is awarded.

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blog-logoAre you trying to figure out if you are eligible for spousal support in a Colorado divorce?  A lot of people are so focused on their property settlement agreement, custody and child support that they don’t even consider spousal maintenance or alimony when their marriage dissolves, but there are many instances where this type of support is warranted.  This is where having a spousal support attorney can be very helpful. 

Below I will outline the various types of spousal support available in the state of Colorado.  A divorce or spousal support attorney will be able to look at your financial situation and help you determine which type of support request is realistic.

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blog-logoAs divorcing couples look for ways to minimize their legal fees and smooth their transition back to single life, many Colorado family law lawyers are recommending collaborative law.  If you’ve never heard of collaborative law, it is exactly what it sounds like it is; a way to work together toward a “win-win” solution in a family legal matter.  The process is used by family law lawyers who help their clients resolve conflict in a respectful way.

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blog-logoWhen most people hear the term “family law lawyer”, it sounds a lot better than “divorce lawyer”, but the truth is, they do much the same thing.  The only difference between a family law “generalist” and a divorce attorney is that a family law lawyer is not a specialist.  He or she most likely practices every form of family law, including child custody, divorce, spousal and child support, adoption, domestic violence, property division and prenuptial agreements.  In short, this lawyer sees families at their best and at their worst. 

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