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blog-logoNo matter where you live, infidelity is one of the most common reasons for divorce.  In fact, some surveys suggest that up to 68% of all married couples will deal with some form of infidelity during their marriage.  However, when faced with a cheating spouse, most people don’t know how to respond.  As a Colorado Springs divorce attorney, I see many people seek an immediate separation, followed by divorce papers, without giving much thought to reconciliation.

If you are facing the reality of infidelity in your marriage, here is some valuable advice on how to respond:

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blog-logoIf you keep up with the news, it’s hard not to notice that infidelity has become an epidemic in America.  Tiger Woods may get the most news coverage, but he is just one of many notable figures who have admitted to cheating on their wives.  Senators, Congressmen, and many notable celebrities have been known to break their vows, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will end up in divorce court.  As a Colorado Springs family lawyer, I have seen many couples separate and then come back together even stronger than ever.  

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blog-logoAnyone who knows how long a divorce can drag out in the Colorado family court system will recommend mediation as a way to keep your sanity.  But ultimately it is the state of your relationship during a separation that will determine whether mediation is a good idea.   As a Colorado Springs family lawyer, I’ve seen some “amicably separated” couples become openly hostile when faced with a complicated divorce settlement. 

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blog-logoGiven the state of the economy, more and more Colorado residents are facing bankruptcy.  While filing for bankruptcy can provide a fresh start after prolonged unemployment or a serious illness, it cannot be used as a way to escape court-ordered child support or spousal maintenance.  However, if your former spouse is planning to claim personal bankruptcy, there are steps you can take to prevent a disruption in support.  A Colorado Springs divorce attorney can help you protect yourself.

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blog-logoMost Colorado Springs family lawyers will tell you the more complicated your finances are during marriage, the more complex your divorce settlement will be.  Problem is, most couples don’t foresee the possibility of divorce when there is still time to take preventative measures, which also means they don’t consider the benefits of a prenuptial agreement.  Marital agreements are not usually the best subject to bring up when you’re planning a wedding, but they can save a lot of aggravation down the road.

In terms of protecting personal property, a prenuptial agreement clearly defines what is considered marital property and allows the couple to decide who this property is to be divided.  However, there are certain requirements that must be met in order for a prenuptial agreement to be legally valid and binding.


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blog-logoGetting a divorce shouldn’t mean you put your business interests in jeopardy, but some Colorado Springs area couples not prepared for the financial damages of a property settlement.  If you have complex property, such as a family business, a divorce can become very complicated and financially painful. 

In a Colorado divorce, one way to ensure your business assets are protected is to ask a Colorado Springs family lawyer for advice.  Basically, there are three proven strategies that can help you protect your business financial interests during the equitable division of property.

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blog-logoIn a Colorado divorce, there are two types of documents – the marital agreement and the temporary order - that are used to determine the division of property, assets and debt.  They are also used to outline child support, custody and a parenting plan. At the time of a divorce filing, most couples are not ready to make a final decision about every term of the divorce.  Instead, they may look to a Colorado Springs family lawyer to draft a temporary order.  Here is what you need to know.


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blog-logoWhile normally associated with the rich and famous, hiding assets in a divorce is a game that is played by couples at almost every economic level.  As soon as divorce papers are served, it is not uncommon for one or both spouses to quickly squirrel away assets into private accounts.  As a Colorado Springs divorce attorney, I’ve seen husbands and wives try every trick in the book.  Whether it is an interest-free loan to a love interest, or a shuffling of investment portfolios, the race to lay claim to a larger share of marital property is a widespread phenomenon; but it is important to discover this before a property settlement is signed.

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blog-logoAs a Colorado Springs divorce attorney, many people have asked me about how the economic downturn has impacted divorce.  Most people who haven’t been through a divorce are not aware of how much finances play a role in the decision to divorce in the first place, let alone in the aftermath of divorce. 

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blog-logoAnnulment isn’t something you hear about very often these days, but it can be a smart alternative to divorce when the situation permits.  As a Colorado Springs family attorney, I am often surprised how many couples ask about it when it is clearly not an option for them.  In legal terms, an annulment is called a “Declaration of Invalidity of Marriage”.

Here are some common misconceptions about annulment in Colorado:

Some people mistakenly believe that annulment is possible if their marriage was brief.  However, it is a relatively uncommon legal procedure. 

Many think an annulment would be simpler than a no-fault divorce, but in reality the two procedures are about equal.

A Colorado Springs family attorney can help you determine if an annulment is right for you, but you must first meet at least one of the following legal grounds:

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