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Parent/Child Law

blog-logoIf you’ve ever wondered how the equal rights movement has affected the decisions made by family court judges, all you need to do is talk to a Colorado divorce lawyer.  Child custody laws haven’t changed all that dramatically, but the decision rules used by judges have moved the needle ever so slightly in favor of dads.  One of the biggest changes to child custody laws has been to only consider what is in the “best interests of the children.”  While there is certainly nothing wrong with this line of thinking, it means that certain assumptions can no longer be made. 

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blog-logoA child custody attorney doesn’t always get involved in a couple’s disputes or try to nurture the couple’s relationship for “the sake of the kids,” but in reality they probably should.  If there is one thing that can quickly derail a parenting plan it is an ongoing battle between parents.  It seems that no matter how much parents are told that this is unwise; they still continue to “punish” the other parent by limiting their access to the children or making last minute changes. 

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blog-logoIf you are collecting child support in Colorado, you know how complicated it can be, especially if the non-custodial parent doesn’t want to pay. But even if the payments are regular, collecting Colorado non-resident child support raises questions for many single parents.  In the past, you may have heard horror stories from a friend, whose ex-spouse moved to another state as a way to avoid paying child support.  But thanks to some changes in interstate child support laws, other states now have the proper authority to act on-non-resident child support orders. 

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blog-logoIt’s interesting how quickly an unplanned pregnancy can change the lives of teenagers, as well as the lives of their parents, but if a girl decides to keep the baby there is another aspect to consider in a teenage pregnancy – child support.  Teenagers are some of the least informed citizens when it comes to family law, and rightly so, but it doesn’t take long for legal issues to come up. 

As someone who deals with child support in family law cases frequently, I’ve always wondered why there isn’t a campaign directed at teenage boys that reminds them about these issues.  What a great deterrent that would be for teenage pregnancy – a poster in a boys locker room about child support.  Not just that it exists, but that he will be legally obligated to pay it for at least 18 years  This is one area that most guys don’t consider, but it is not something that should be taken lightly.  Even if parents are never married and live separately, they are still legally responsible to support their child. 

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blog-logoIt is all too common to hear about a teenage girl getting pregnant these days, but it’s rare to hear much about the teenage father that got them pregnant.  When a decision is made to keep the baby, it seems that the parents of the girl assume the responsibility of raising their grandchild while the life of the boy doesn’t change.  If this sounds like you, then it may be time to learn more about Colorado family law and ask a Colorado Springs lawyer for a free consultation.

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blog-logoWhen a couple with children gets divorced, there is nothing that arouses more hostility between them than decisions concerning child custody.  Even the most amicable separations can quickly turn volatile when the parties meet to discuss a parenting plan.  As a Colorado child custody attorney who represents clients in custody battles, I often feel more like a referee than a lawyer.

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colorado_child_support_attorneyFor the most part, by the time you receive your Decree of Divorce in the mail, the battle over your property settlement is over.  But when it comes to child support, this is rarely the case.  With many couples, the child support battle rages on - sometimes even beyond their children’s emancipation.  As a Colorado child support attorney, I am always amazed at how nasty these battles can be; especially when child support is designed to benefit minor children. 

One of the more common questions I hear at the Marrison Family Law LLC is, “What is included in child support?”  I don’t always like the answer I have to give to this question, especially when I am speaking with a custodial parent.  Like many other states, Colorado only includes the most essential costs when calculating child support.  The cost of food, shelter, clothing, child care and health insurance are calculated using state averages, based on the number of children in the household and the total income of both parents.  While at first these amounts may seem generous, any parent who has tried to raise children without additional support will tell you that it’s not enough. 

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blog-logoFighting your ex-spouse over child support was probably not the scenario you were dreaming about on the day you walked down the aisle.  The harsh realities of divorce are never more vivid than when your ex-spouse intentionally tries to reduce their child support obligation.  Whether it is their way of acting out you in a divorce, or just being an irresponsible parent, you will need the help of a Colorado child support attorney if you want to prove this to a judge. 

Unlike traditional child support enforcement, a Petition for Contempt of Court in a child support case is something that must be initiated by the plaintiff.  It is usually done when support has not been paid and there is reason to believe that the defendant is purposefully avoiding his or her obligation. 

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blog-logoEven if you have been receiving child support for many years, disputes can still come up between you and your ex-spouse.  As a family attorney at a Colorado Springs law firm, I am often asked about child support and college expenses and child support and tax exemptions.  Of course, there are many other questions to be answered about child support, but these two are the most common.

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blog-logoJust when you think your days in Colorado family court are over, a post-decree issue comes up and pulls you right back in there.  Unfortunately, many divorce-weary individuals decide to represent themselves in these isolated post-divorce hearings, but this is not always a good idea.  There may be some instances where self-representation makes sense, but if you and your ex are not on the best terms, you should consult with a Colorado Springs law firm.

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