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Parent/Child Law

blog-logoChild support is one of those issues that never seems to get easier; in fact, if anything it gets more difficult the longer you have been divorced.  Even when both spouses seem to look out for the best interests of the children, long held hostilities between the parties often play out in the payment of child support.  Now matter how well-intentioned one might be, circumstances often arise where the non-custodial spouse is not paying child support

If this is happening to you, a Colorado Springs child support lawyer can review your options for enforcing an existing child support order, and how best to proceed with your case.  However, if you do not currently have a court order, then non payment of child support could become a much more complicated issue.

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blog-logoWith nearly half of all marriage ending in divorce, many children feel the impact of losing one parent from their household.  Like most states, Colorado courts don’t always make decisions that are gender neutral, and it is the father that usually suffers from these rulings.  Most custody decisions favor the parent who spends the most time with the children, and since most children spend more time with their moms than their dads, fathers often lose out in a divorce.  If you are a man who is fighting for a fair custody agreement in Colorado, working with a team of Colorado Springs family law attorneys can help. 

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blog-logoIn light of recent changes in Colorado divorce law, specifically with regard to child custody, it is important for noncustodial parents to have a legal understanding of how certain behaviors might impact their visitation.  Earlier this week, in “Part One”, I explained how supervised visitation works, and who is most vulnerable to it. 

As a Colorado Springs child custody lawyer, I have seen many parents request supervised visitation simply becaus e they don’t want their children exposed to their husband’s new girlfriend.  However, in order for a custodial parent to have the court deny visitation rights to the other parent, it is imperative that they provide proof of how that parent’s behavior runs contrary to their child’s best interests. 

Below are some acts that typify the court’s definition as “contrary to the child’s best interests”:

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blog-logoIn the state of Colorado, like most other states, many separated or divorced parents are faced with the prospect of supervised visitation, but there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding this topic.  As a Colorado Springs child custody lawyer, I feel compelled to shed some light on the legal aspects of supervised visitation.

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blog-logoAsk any Colorado Springs divorced individual with children what is the most complicated part of divorce, and their answer will probably have something to do with the children.  Whether the issue is with visitation, enforcing rules across two different households, dealing with their child’s emotional distress, or the simple exhaustion of becoming a single parent; divorce issues continue to unfold for many years after the final papers are signed.  For this reason, it is very important to include as much detail as possible in a parenting plan and custody agreement

As a Colorado Springs child custody lawyer, I see a lot of couples spend countless hours hashing out a custody agreement in mediation or in court.  What they don’t always realize is that even after a parenting plan is in place and the divorce is final, they both have to play a role in “raising” the children.  What usually happens is both parents start out with the best intentions to stay involved with every detail of their children’s lives; following the parenting plan to the letter. 

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blog-logoAccording to U.S. Census data, the number of minor children being raised by someone other than their parent(s) has dramatically increased over the past 25 years.  Not surprisingly, the majority of these children are being raised by grandparents.  The most recent figures suggest that well over six million children are living in households headed by grandparents or other non-parental relatives, with neither parent present. 

If you find yourself in the position of wanting to legally adopt your grandchild(ren) in the state of Colorado, a Colorado Springs child custody lawyer can help ensure the process goes smoothly. 

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blog-logoWith the national unemployment rate at 9.5% and Colorado’s jobless figure just below 8%, the heat is on for parents who are unable to pay their Colorado Springs court-ordered child support.  But what is a custodial parent to do if their ex-spouse has stopped looking for a job?  If your ex isn’t paying child support and claims he or she cannot get a job of any kind, then it may be time to consult with a Colorado Springs child support lawyer

Without a trained eye and legal experience, it can be difficult to present a grievance to Colorado family court when a support-obligated parent is unemployed.  However, a local Colorado Springs family law attorney who has experience in child support law is aware of the tactics used by parents who want to avoid paying child support.  No matter what shape the economy is in, some parents deeply resent paying court-ordered support. 

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blog-logoIn Colorado divorce cases, child custody disputes are a common occurrence, but if you are expecting an all-out battle, it helps to know how the courts will try to resolve it.  As a Colorado Springs child custody lawyer, I have seen many couples go through the family court system. 

Continue reading for a brief overview of how you can expect a Colorado Springs judge to decide on your child custody case.

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blog-logoIn a Colorado divorce, parents are charged with the monumental task of dividing the time they spend with their children.  Parenting plans determine where the children will live, how often they will see the non-custodial parent, which holidays will be spent with which family, and much more.  As a Colorado Springs child custody lawyer, I have seen firsthand how contentious these issues can become, even after the documents are signed.  That’s why it is so important to include as much detail as possible in a parenting plan. 

Even when parents get along well, coming up with a comprehensive parenting plan that makes sense for everyone concerned can still be challenging. But when it comes to deciding on their children’s religious upbringing, it can easily turn into a battle. 

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blog-logoSome children have a hard time managing their feelings when parents decide to divorce, and many parents fail to realize this.  Parents can become so embroiled in an attempt to win child custody that they can forget how fragile their children really are.  As a Colorado Springs custody lawyer, I see many parents make the mistake of involving their children in a custody dispute.  Children are much better off not knowing all the details of their parent’s disagreements.

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