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deployed_militarysHave you been served with papers while deployed in a foreign country?  Are you wondering how your rights will be protected in a military divorce while serving your country overseas?  According to many divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs, these are among the most common fears that military service members have about getting a divorce.

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domestic_violenceHave you been charged with domestic violence in Colorado?  Chances are, if this is your first offense you are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the Colorado domestic violence statutes.  Unlike many other crimes that may occur between strangers, domestic violence has its own set of standards for the court-ordered treatment of offenders.  And contrary to what many people think, it is considered a serious crime and not simply a response to a failed relationship.

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child_supportsContemplating divorce can be very difficult, especially when children are present.  Child support is probably the most contentious issue in a divorce, and it often causes a non-custodial parent to seek shared custody.  In the state of Colorado the amount of child support you pay or receive in a divorce situation will depend on your parenting time, or custody arrangement.

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military_divorce_retirementAre you going through a military divorce in Colorado? With the strong military presence throughout the state, it is not uncommon to find law offices that devote most of their time to military divorce.  Most people aren’t aware of the complexities of a military divorce until they start dealing with the reality of it.  According to Colorado military divorce lawyers, many of the most frequently asked questions for military divorce lawyers pertain to the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).  In other words, how does one live separately from his or her spouse during the divorce without access to the military’s basic housing allowance?  If your husband or wife is in the military, is he or she still required to provide the family with monetary support?  The military guidelines say yes – even without a court-ordered support document.

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child_custody_attorneyGetting a divorce is probably one of the most stressful experiences a family can endure, especially when their children are young.  While couples may have differences about the division of assets and the amount of spousal support to be paid, child custody is an extremely sensitive issue and should be handled in the most collaborative way possible.  Does this mean you won’t need to work with an attorney or enter a courtroom to work out the details?  Probably not; but there are still many ways to reach an agreement that will honor your joint commitment to be good parents.

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family_lawsIf you’re getting a divorce, learning about the sneaky things your spouse might try can be very enlightening, but it will not be your favorite topic.  As a family law attorney in Colorado, I meet a lot of clients who refuse to believe their spouse would attempt to hide marital assets, but they secretly want to know how to detect it.

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choose_the_right_oneGetting a divorce is not something most married people want to think about; unless, of course, their marriage is on the rocks.  Months or even years may go by in a troubled union before one party starts shopping for divorce lawyers, and then it won’t be long before the papers are served. Divorce brings on a number of strong emotions which can cloud the judgment of even the most sober-minded person.  If you are in search of a good divorce attorney, it’s important to take your time and assess your options before making a decision.

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attorneyA lot has been written about the legal issues surrounding military divorce, but few articles focus on preventing it.  With divorce so prevalent in the armed forces today, many couples give up too soon and go directly to a military divorce attorney.

Looking at the alarming rise in military divorce rates, it is obvious that soldiers are under extreme stress.  Multiple tours of duty, extended time away from family, traumatic experiences and a change in world views can all contribute to the rise in military divorce rates. Not surprisingly, statistics show that military divorce rates increase during and after a war.  A comparison between military divorce rates in 2001 and 2004 illustrates this point.  In 2001 there were approximately 5,600 Army divorces and in 2004 that number jumped to 10,477.  The stress of war caused military divorce rates to double during this time period, affecting all branches of the military.

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blog-logoSingle parents have enough to deal with just raising kids on their own without a partner; but when the non-custodial parent refuses to pay child support it just makes things worse.  Some of these parents have lost touch with the other parent and have little hope of ever collecting support, but others are dealing with spouses who intentionally set up their lives to avoid paying child support.  In the eyes of Colorado family court judges, this type of parent is easy to spot.

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blog-logoMany attorneys specialize in a certain areas of law.  Some work in family law, others work in criminal law, corporate law or personal injury law, and then they find a sub-specialty within their field.  For example, most of the family lawyers that specialize in divorce and child custody would also know adoption law, but only a select few will become adoption attorneys.

What is an adoption attorney?

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