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Are you searching for experienced Adoption Lawyers in Colorado Springs?

When you begin to consider adoption, you will undoubtedly have more questions than answers, and a number of important decisions to make.  A private adoption lawyer will help you work through the myriad of legal issues surrounding adoption, and fully prepare you for the adoption process. 

If you are looking for an experienced adoption attorney in Colorado Springs, Marrison Family Law can help.  As a family law practice, our satisfaction comes from helping Colorado Springs families become stable and remain intact. 

Whether you are considering adopting a related child, working with an adoption agency, or trying to decide between open and closed adoption, our experienced private adoption lawyers will guide you through the Colorado adoption process.  At Marrison Family Law, it is our goal to help you become a family.

Adoption Lawyers Colorado SpringsMany people, when they think of adoption, will picture a newborn being adopted by a previously unrelated family.  This type of adoption, which usually involves little or no future contact with the birth mother, is called a “closed” adoption. Conversely, an “open” adoption occurs when the birth mother and adoptive family agree to a high level of future contact, which may include visitation and phone calls.  While these are certainly a part of our practice, they are not the most common form of adoption. 

Most adoptions occur within families; by grandparents, stepparents or other family members.  Intra-family adoptions can happen when a parent/guardian becomes disabled, remarries, or can no longer manage the responsibilities of parenthood.  Often times, an intra-family adoption is in the best interests of a child, whose only other option may be foster care.  Also, if a family member has been more involved in a child’s life than their parents, they may decide to seek custody and visitation rights, as opposed to legal adoption.

Some Facts You Should Know about Colorado Adoption

The adoption lawyers in Colorado Springs at Marrison Family Law will help you to fully understand Colorado law, as it pertains to adoption.

An adoption usually occurs in two steps.  First, the child must become “available for adoption”, i.e. either the birth parent relinquishes his or her parental rights to the child or the Court terminates their rights.  Once that takes place, the child may be legally adopted by a new family.

With a private adoption, it is tempting to draw up a contract with the birth mother prior to the birth of the child, but this contract will not be legally enforceable. Colorado law will not allow a birth parent to terminate their parental rights until the child is born.  If you are considering private adoption, it is important to make your private adoption lawyer aware of any promises or commitments made to the birth parent, including payment of specific medical bills and expenses. 

Once the Colorado adoption process begins, it is unwise to move out of the county. This is because each county handles its own adoptions.  Moving out of the county may require you to restart the process, including new paperwork filing, another home study, and so on.  Stay where you are throughout the duration of the adoption if you want the process to go quickly and smoothly.

Work with a Private Adoption Lawyer Near You

If your plans include an adoption call us at (719) 577-9292 and we will answer all your questions about adoption, private adoption, and help you determine your best course of action.  There is absolutely no obligation and your consultation will be 100% confidential.

Adopting a child is an important step for your family and one that can take months to achieve. Before you embark on this endeavor, please contact us.  We will outline all of your options and help you to determine whether—and when—adoption is the right option for you.

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