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Dear Pat Marrison,


I am writing to you to thank you for our experience in working with your firm. We had the pleasure of working alongside several of your team members for a modification case. Our case was tedious, lasting approximately 7 months. Your team was dedicated, thorough, and sincere.


Nicole Bartell represented us upon John Paul Lyle’s departure. Nicole impressed us most because she was congenial, fair and consistent. She never failed to communicate efficiently, a skill that can be lost in the chaos of multiple clients. Nicole was honest when we were wrong; she did not provide false hope in any situation. Conversely, she was also committed to our best interest, telling us when we asked for too little. Her genuine concern for our family showed in every situation (court, e-mails, meetings, etc…) giving us a sense of trust and comfort. Nicole was flexible with our family needs, detail oriented, and adaptable; she consistently adapted her plan of action up until the very last minute. Words cannot express our appreciation for her.


Nicole is more than a fantastic attorney; she is a truly wonderful person. She is a person that one can sit ad talk with for hours. Relating well to clients is one thing, but her professionalism with the opposing council is what made us loyal to her. When the opposing council was rude, abrasive and disrespectful, our attorney was the bigger person, never succumbing to their level. It takes confidence and pride to see beyond those moments when each side is fighting something so dear. For that, I would high recommend Nicole Bartell to any and every client. If that isn’t enough, she leads her team with kindness, building relationships that are vital to case success… and she does it well.


Nicole’s passion for serving others is immeasurable. Nicole’s commitment to doing the right thing in every situation provides a level of ethics not commonly found in attorneys. She is an asset to your team because of her courage, ability to strategize well, her resilience and adaptable nature, and because of her trial experience. She will not be bullied inside or outside the courtroom, and yet remains humble and kind. Thank you to Marrison Family Law, and to Nicole Bartell, for guiding our family.



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5/5 stars

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