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Chelsea grew up the daughter of an Ohio family law attorney and followed in his footsteps. She has a strong sense of purpose and belief in serving the community she is part of. Chelsea HillmanChelsea specializes in divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, paternity, guardianship, high asset divorce, and military divorce. She is aware there are specific intricacies unique to service members that impact custody and dissolution proceedings and dedicated specific studies to understanding such. Chelsea is part of a blended family herself as her partner went through a difficult divorce, so understands what it’s like to be on “the other side.” She uses her personal experience to reach out to her clients with empathy and a personal touch. 

Before making Colorado her home, she litigated at the federal level in Chicago, Illinois for asylum-seekers and other immigration issues with the Valparaiso School of Law Immigration Clinic. She began her legal career with the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. There, she worked on issues such as Section Eight housing and Dependency and Neglect cases. 

Chelsea is not afraid to litigate on behalf of her clients—however, she also believes in the importance of settlement and negotiation as Colorado Courts are deeply aware they will never know the inner workings of parties and children the way the parties do. Chelsea has a firm attitude when it comes to setting realistic expectations and ensuring the rights of her clients are protected in the spirit of the law and fairness. It is Chelsea’s goal to make a hard situation a bit easier, and that is through honest connectivity.

When not practicing law, Chelsea embraces her creativity and spends her time painting in her chosen medium of watercolors and digital art, playing video games, and trying to teach her Rhodesian Ridgeback to stop barking at the poor neighbors. She is a published author and writes under the penname, Li Hill.

Chelsea is dual licensed in New York and Colorado.

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