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Adoption Attorney Explains What You Can Expect in a Colorado Adoption

Monday, 03 January 2011

blog-logoWhen a couple or individual decides to adopt a child, many decisions will have to be made.  Adoption can be very expensive, and depending on which type of adoption you choose (international, domestic, foster child), the requirements can vary dramatically.  Without the assistance of a qualified adoption attorney, it is easy to become frustrated.  Presenting the proper documentation to meet state and federal standards is paramount, and a Colorado family law attorney can ensure that all your legal obligations are met. 

In a typical adoption, families meet with an adoption agency first, who explains the process involved.  These include the interview and screening processes, waiting periods, special circumstances and costs.  However, once a decision is made to move forward with an adoption, it is imperative to meet with an experienced adoption attorney.  An attorney will help you fill out all the necessary paperwork and be with you throughout the entire process.  He or she will be especially helpful in international adoptions and equitable adoptions.

An equitable adoption occurs when there is no formal legal procedure, which is often the case when a child is abandoned, orphaned or otherwise “parentless”.  Without the necessary paper trail and formal documentation, the natural parents may return and request custody of the child.  An adoption attorney can step in and provide counsel if the natural parents deny custody of their child in an equitable adoption. While state laws do not provide for the adoptive parents’ rights in this type of adoption, an attorney can help them make a case for abuse or abandonment. Adoption lawyers can also be helpful in cases where a biological parent seeks visitation with a child after relinquishing their parental rights. 

No matter what type of adoption you choose, there are always potential complications that can arise. For this reason, it is wise to start working with an adoption attorney right from the start.  To learn more about the legal processes involved in a Colorado adoption, consult with the family law attorneys at Marrison Law in Colorado Springs.

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