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Can an Adoption Attorney Help You Prepare for a Home Study?

Friday, 07 January 2011

blog-logoOne of the first steps toward adopting a child is to find a reliable adoption agency who can work with you throughout the entire adoption process.  Many adopting couples and individuals are surprised when they learn how many steps are involved in an adoption, and unfortunately they often jump in and get started without consulting an adoption attorney.  

A home study is probably the most harrowing part of adopting a child, because it requires a complete evaluation of your commitment to the adoption, your lifestyle and your reasons for wanting a child.  It is also an assessment of how well you would do as a parent and whether you have the resources to provide for the needs of the child.  This may not sound like an area where an adoption attorney can help, but an experienced lawyer can do a lot to help you prepare for the home study. 

First of all, an attorney will advise you of your rights in a home study, and what kind of questions you should expect. Since adoption lawyers have been through this process several times, they can provide valuable insights about how to prepare.  If the home study reveals an issue that could prevent you from moving forward in an adoption, an adoption attorney can help you address it from a legal perspective.

What does the home study include?

The home study takes place over a series of meetings, at least one of which occurs in your home.  This results in a lengthy written report detailing what the social worker learned about you, including notes about how suitable your home environment would be for a child.  Also included in the report may be notes about your motivation to adopt, your expectations as a parent, the quality of your marital relationship as well as other significant relationships, and your own personal family history.  The social worker will conduct a criminal background check as well as a physical evaluation of the parent(s). In addition, the report will include notes on your education, employment and income, as well as insurance coverage and health care plans.

With so much involved in a home study, and so many hopes riding on its successful outcome, it is important to consult with an adoption attorney right from the start.  An adoption attorney from Marrison Law can help you prepare for a home study and see you through the entire process.  Contact them today for a free consultation.

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