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Colorado Springs Family Attorney: What you need to know about international adoption

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

blog-logoUntil one becomes interested in an international adoption, it’s hard to imagine how much is involved.  As a Colorado Springs family adoption attorney, many prospective parents come to me seeking legal representation for foreign adoptions, but it is only after they’ve learned about how complicated the process can be.  But don’t let this fact deter you from considering an international adoption.  Today, there are more options available than ever for American couples who are looking to adopt overseas. 


The Stages of International Adoption:

• In the U.S. the first stage of international adoption will involve the selection of an adoption agency or facilitator. Some agencies work with a set of countries, while others focus on one country only. 
• From there, prospective parents are prepared asked to prepare a dossier of information about themselves.  This may include financial information, background checks, a home study review, fingerprints, and other supporting documents.  Once this is assembled, it will be submitted to the authorities in the child’s country of birth for review. 
• Once approved, prospective parents are matched with an eligible child, and information is sent to the parents about this child.  This usually includes, age, gender, and health history, and is generally called a referral. 
• Also included in the referral is a proposed travel date, which is when the adopting parents are designated to meet the child in his or her country, sign more paperwork and accept the child. 
• In many cases, the child’s country of origin may require that the parents travel there more than once to complete the legal adoption process. In some countries, the adoptive parents are not asked to travel to the child’s country, and instead the child is escorted to the adoptive parents’ home country. 
• Upon arrival in the U.S., the child is automatically granted American citizenship, as long as one of the adoptive parents is also a U.S. Citizen. 

While this process may sound simple enough, adoption policies are different for each case because the laws can vary greatly from one country to the next.  Each country will have its own guidelines concerning financial status, marital status, education level, psychological health, and other factors. 

Protecting your rights as an adoptive parent is an important step in the international adoption process.  If you live in the Pikes Peak area, then you should consult with a Colorado Springs family attorney, who will help you with the various legal aspects of adopting a child from another country.

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