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Addressing the Growing Challenge of Paternity Fraud

Monday, 07 October 2019


Marrison Family Law helps clients attain the rights that are accorded to them by the law. Obviously, there may be many good-faith reasons why a mother may not wish to reveal the true biological father of her child. Where a woman intentionally falsifies the fact of paternity for financial gain, however, this may be paternity fraud.

This problem is continuing to rise for various reasons, such as the growing number of unwed mothers in America. It has also been reported that 38 percent of children in the U.S. were borne out of wedlock. Moreover, their number of extramarital affairs are on the rise as well. If you find yourself accused of being the father of a child you do not believe is yours, there are remedies.

In Colorado, a partial solution to this issue was enacted through the signing of the Senate Bill SB08-183 last 2008. It sought to help potential paternity fraud victims by giving them the opportunity to disprove paternity claims. It comes with restrictions, however, in the form of provisions and amendments. For example, men are only afforded two years to file a modification that questions their paternity. Given that many unmarried men find out late about a child support order, this addition can jeopardize their ability to find success in fighting paternity fraud.

It is best then for those who feel they have fallen victim to paternity fraud to consult an experienced paternity lawyer, such as Marrison Family Law so that they would get to know what course of actions need to be taken as soon as possible.

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