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Using a Mediator in a Divorce with Children

Thursday, 21 May 2009

A divorce mediator is a neutral third party that helps divorcing couples reach a fair and mutually acceptable agreement with regard to the sharing of the responsibilities of bringing up their child. This article explains the reason for mediation as well as how the process works.

Need for a Mediator in a Child Custody Case

Over the years, Judges in Colorado ave found that parents often have very serious problems when it comes to negotiating for responsibility of their children. More often than not, they reach a deadlock. In addition, the children themselves are unable to provide unbiased input due to the fact that each parent expects a certain response from the child. 

As a result, such cases take up far too much of the court's time. Judges these days therefore require couples to opt for a professional child mediator who is by definition a neutral third party. Couples who engage in such dialogue are much more likely to reach an amenable conclusion by side stepping their ego. Children too are able to provide honest feedback to the mediator who will then convey this to each parent impartially.

A child custody mediator helps resolve an otherwise complex matter much more easily than would otherwise be possible. Without mediation, a judge might hand down a resolution that is unacceptable to both parties who would then be forced to accept it.

Factors in child custody mediation

It's important to realize that child custody mediation is different from divorce mediation. The focus is on the child and not about what each person said or their problems with each other. A child custody mediator's job is to ensure that the interests of the child come first and the interests of the parents come later.

It helps if each parent has a sample proposal of their own to begin with - written down on paper. This helps them think things through and can give the mediator a starting point and help him or her understand the mind of each spouse, thereby enabling them to come up with a solution that is amenable to both parties.

Finding a child custody mediator

There are certified mediators in every area of the United States. You can easily find them by conducting an online search. These mediators are recognized by the courts and will satisfy it's requirements. You can also contact us in order to find a child custody mediator whom we work with. We will ensure that you can get the most professional and most qualified mediator around.

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