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4 Things You Can Expect From Your Divorce Attorney & 4 Things Your Divorce Attorney Expects From You

Hiring a divorce attorney to represent you is an important decision that may have ramifications for years to come, especially if you have children. Not only do you want a lawyer who will fight for your rights in a divorce, you want someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Most of the information here is applicable to anyone going through a divorce in any state, however, please be aware if you live in another state than Colorado that the information here about property division and child custody is specific to Colorado and may not apply where you live.

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The attorneys at the offices of Marrison Family Law in Colorado Springs are often asked questions about how common law marriages are recognized and ended in the state of Colorado. People are sometimes confused about whether or not the relationship they are choosing to end is legally considered a common law marriage.

They may wonder why they need to go through the legal process of getting a divorce when they never were officially married in the first place. If you’re one of those people looking for answers about common law marriage in Colorado, read on and I’ll try to answer your questions.

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colorado springs child support lawyer 3We all know how quickly a relationship can deteriorate when one person is being unfaithful, which explains why infidelity is the most direct cause of divorce. When one spouse discovers that the other has been unfaithful, it can be incredibly difficult for the marriage to survive.

In many cases, the cheated-upon spouse will head directly to a divorce attorney and seek a legal separation or divorce. As tempting as it may be to seek revenge by asking the courts to punish the cheater in some way, does the court even care about infidelity?

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question marksFiling for divorce can be a lonely pursuit, especially when you still have more questions than answers. In fact, most people walk into a Colorado divorce attorney's office with a long list of questions in mind. Two of these questions stem from financial insecurity, which according to experts triggers far more anxiety in people than the prospect of being alone.

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family lawyerIt may be hard to imagine what the future will be like as a divorced family, especially when you are just starting the process of divorce. Many couples decide to use a divorce lawyer sparingly and handle much of the paperwork themselves, and while this might make sense in the near term it could cause problems in the future.

The mistake many people make is assuming they understand the divorce laws in their state and they know how to navigate the local domestic relations court system. When they need to revisit a custody order, modify support, or enforce a divorce settlement they may find the process overwhelming.

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annulment coloradoMost people assume that getting an annulment in Colorado is just a simple way to end a short marriage, but in reality the legality of it is seldom easier than divorce. Only certain situations qualify as grounds for the "invalidity of marriage," which is the legal term used to describe an annulment in Colorado. As a divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs, it's rare for me to get a call from someone looking for an annulment and even less common for a client to get one.

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Is Divorce Always the Answer?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

divorce_reconciliationAre your kids obsessed with "The Parent Trap" movie?  Mine are; and it's always made me wonder if they were trying to send a subliminal message, but 12 years later I am still a single parent.  But recent articles about reconciliation have caught my attention.  Saving marriages through reconciliation counseling isn't something you hear about often, but the subject is not unfamilar to family law attorneys. In fact, it comes up quite often. 

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post_decree_issuesIt's not uncommon for divorcing couples to celebrate the receipt of their official Decree of Divorce, but is that really a good idea? Too often, couples end up in a courtroom several times after the final decree is issued as they navigate post-decree amendments. In many cases the terms of the divorce no longer work because of changes in your life or your children's lives.

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choose_the_right_oneGetting a divorce is not something most married people want to think about; unless, of course, their marriage is on the rocks.  Months or even years may go by in a troubled union before one party starts shopping for divorce lawyers, and then it won’t be long before the papers are served. Divorce brings on a number of strong emotions which can cloud the judgment of even the most sober-minded person.  If you are in search of a good divorce attorney, it’s important to take your time and assess your options before making a decision.

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Is it time to hire a divorce lawyer, or is it time to hire a family law firm.  A family law firm offers a full-service approach to the various legal issues that may come up over the years, rather than focusing primarily on the divorce itself.  It’s not that a single divorce lawyer is untrained on other aspects of the law; but they rarely have the depth of experience one would expect from a family law firm.

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MPatMarrisonFor over a quarter century, we have helped people during what is often the darkest time in their lives. Divorce is not easy even under the best of circumstances. For most people, family is central. Having something go wrong in the family can have a ripple effect that extends beyond the home and into other areas.

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