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How Remarriage Can Change Your Divorce Agreement

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The complexity of divorce doesn’t end on the day your divorce decree arrives in the mail.  In fact, things can get even more complicated from that day forward.  This is particularly true when one of you gets remarried.  Before you get too confused by the legal aspects, consult with a Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyer with experience in post-decree divorce issues. 

Agreements for spousal maintenance, alimony, child support and custody may be questioned and reviewed at this time, and it may be time to pull out your original agreements to make sure you adequately covered the eventuality of remarriage.  This is when the party receiving alimony or maintenance may try to keep their remarriage a secret, just to keep collecting the payments, but this is a bad idea. 


Most agreements stipulate that each of your attorneys must notify the other’s attorney in the event of remarriage.  The main reason is because the remarriage legally affects the financial agreements between the parties.  It may also present issues with your custody agreement if the marriage requires a move or a change in schedules.  If the parent who pays the larger share of support for the children remarries, it can present financial difficulties if this income now must be divided between more children and another household.  If this happens, you may receive a petition for a support modification claiming financial hardship. 

As you can see, remarriage does present a host of challenges for some divorced individuals. That is why it is so important to know your rights in the state of Colorado.  Work with an experienced Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyer and you can rest assured that your needs will be well represented in any legal proceeding. 

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