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Tips for Filling out Divorce Forms

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

As a Colorado Springs divorce lawyer, I am often found knee deep in paperwork, but at least I know how to find my way out of it.  Many couples who are seeking a divorce in Colorado are less fortunate, and find themselves inundated with confusing forms, and detailed requests for information.  Even the simplest divorce is likely to be overwhelming for the uninitiated.  That’s why I’ve put together some tips for dealing with the mountains of paperwork that a Colorado divorce entails.


Some couples find that they can complete all the divorce forms without any help, but most will end up seeking legal assistance at some point during the process. 

  • Make sure you are using only the most current Colorado divorce forms.  One way of doing this is by going on the state’s web site and downloading the appropriate forms..  Using outdated forms could cause problems when you file.  Instructions are also available online at the Self-Help center of Colorado’s Judicial Branch.
  • Take note of the checklists provided on each form to be sure you have attached all of the appropriate documents.  Be sure all forms are assembled and copied before your case is heard by a judge.
  • Before filing your forms, make sure you include appropriate contact information within the caption box, indicating which party is filing each form.  Even if you are using an attorney, you should still provide your personal contact information in the event that the court needs to contact you for supporting data.
  • Be careful to fill out your Sworn Financial Statements accurately and completely.  These forms include areas for retirement accounts, property assets and investments, and they must be filled out separately and completely by each party.

If you are starting to feel like an attorney would benefit your case, most firms will offer a free initial consultation.  A Colorado Springs divorce attorney can help make sense of all the forms and ensure that your case is professionally handled.

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