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Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyer: The Benefits of Mediation

Thursday, 04 February 2010

According to Colorado Springs divorce lawyers, mediation is the best way to avoid lengthy (and expensive) litigation.  Because mediation allows the parties in a divorce to meet with a neutral third-party, who well trained in family law, they can negotiate a fair and acceptable settlement without ever entering a courtroom.


Unlike arbitrators, mediators are not authorized to make decisions on behalf of their clients; they act as facilitators to help the parties come up with their own solutions.  Their recommendations are often based on years of experience working with clients who were in similar situations, and they usually know what a judge would say if the parties were to go to court.

In many cases, Colorado courts will order a couple to enter mediation.  However, the parties may also choose to use mediation on their own.  Couples can usually choose between a court-appointed mediator and one who practices privately.  Either way, the process is usually much faster and less expensive than it would be if the couple used respective attorneys in a courtroom.  Additionally, when a divorcing couple is able to work out their differences amicably, they are often more satisfied with the end result. 

If you are considering mediation, it makes sense to have an attorney prepare you for the process.  Most couples will ask their attorneys to be present for mediation as well.  A Colorado Springs divorce lawyer will make mediation a lot more comfortable and help you and your ex come up with the best possible solutions.

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