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Colorado Springs Family Attorneys say Family Law more than just divorce

Wednesday, 02 December 2009

Often times, you will hear people refer to a family lawyer as a divorce lawyer, but that is rarely the case.  Any reputable attorney specializing in divorce will also have a solid understanding of the entire family court system.  That’s because family law is about much more than divorce.

A Colorado Springs family attorney, for example, may be able to help you with an adoption, child support modification, grandparents’ rights or setting up a trust fund.  It can also cover prenuptial agreements, annulments and spousal abuse.  Some family lawyers also develop expertise in real estate law so they can help divorcing couples with the transfer of property, or they develop estate law expertise to help family law clients establish a will.


Before a divorce occurs, a family lawyer is often called upon to draw up documents for a legal separation, petition for temporary custody, or request a hearing for court-ordered child support.

An uncontested divorce can be done rather quickly and at a reasonable price, but these make up a very small percentage of all divorce cases.  Most divorces require mediation, court hearings and mountains of petitions and pleadings, which can make self-representation very complicated. 

As the divorce rate grows, the number of family attorneys grows along with it, but other areas of family law also play into its growth.  Laws change every day, so it is important to stay informed about your rights pertaining to custody, child support, property division and other aspects of family law. With all the complexities of the legal process in Colorado, it makes sense to consult with a Colorado Springs family lawyer before attempting to handle any of it on your own. 

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