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Colorado Springs Family Law Attorneys Ask: How Long Your Marriage will last?

Thursday, 09 September 2010

blog-logoGetting a divorce?  Well, before you start feeling sorry for yourself and thinking you failed in your marriage, why not consider these “divorce factoids” that were recently uncovered by some Colorado Springs family law attorneys.  The statistics show that there are certain lifestyle factors that may have had an impact on the life of your marriage, many of which are completely out of your control.

Before you seek the advice of a family law attorney in Colorado Springs, why not take a look at your situation from the many angles presented below, and see if you can identify any trends that may have impacted your marriage.

Is your marriage doomed to fail, or will you and your spouse be able to work things out? 

  1. If you live in a “red state”, you are 27% more likely to become divorced than people who live in a blue state.   This may be due to the fact that red-state couples tend to marry younger, which puts them at a greater risk of divorce.
  2. According to the University of Virginia’s National Marriage Project (2009), if you and your spouse argue about finances about once a week, you are 30% more likely to get divorced than couples who argue about money less frequently.  
  3. If you plan to quit smoking, be sure to get your spouse to quit with you.  If only one partner in a marriage smokes, the couple is 75% to 91% more likely to divorce than couples who both smoke. 
  4. Girls may just want to have fun, but according to the Review of Economic Studies, couples who have daughters are 5 percent more likely to divorce than couples who have sons.  The theory is that fathers are more invested in family life when there are boys in the household. 
  5. When it comes to divorce, faith really does seem to matter. If you are a practicing Catholic who has been married, there is a 28% likelihood that you have been divorced and evangelical Christians have a 26% likelihood of being divorced. When you compare this to the 38% of non-Christians who get divorced, it might be said that the “family that prays together, stays together”.

These are just a few of many statistics often quoted by family law attorneys in Colorado Springs, but there are many other indicators of whether divorce is imminent.  If you are facing a possible divorce, or just looking into your legal options, consult with an experienced team of Colorado Springs family law attorneys and request a free consultation.

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