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Divorce Forms Specific to Colorado Springs

Thursday, 05 February 2009
This article provides an overview of Divorce Forms. Colorado Springs has special formalities that are explained.

Importance of Divorce forms, Colorado Springs

In any legal case, it is the paperwork that defines the progression. They are the first concrete steps and indicate the transition from theory to application. Divorce forms are no different and their importance in Colorado Springs is examined below.

Range of Divorce forms in Colorado

Due to the large number of complications involved in divorce cases, there are several different paperwork processes that need to be completed to suit each case. The maze of paperwork simply reflects the maze of issues that can surround a divorce case.

One important point to note is that court forms alone are not the only paperwork that is required. Along with the forms, you also need various statements that testify to your financial matters among others things. This financial statement needs to be extremely comprehensive and also needs to be notarized.

There are different types of divorce situations. For example, a divorce may be peaceful without any contesting on either side.  It may be adversarial - meaning that each party is firmly at odds with the other, or it may require mediation. In the final case, the court now includes a process involving what is called a status conference. This new procedure was introduced as part of the changes that took place in Colorado divorce proceedings in 2005.

The "Sworn Financial Statement" is a major part of the paperwork in divorce proceedings and can take up a large chunk of your time.

Basics of Divorce Forms in Colorado Springs

The start of the legal process is heralded by the filing of the petition for divorce, formally known as the dissolution of marriage. If the petition is filed by one party, then a summons is required. If it is filed jointly, then there is no need of the summons.

If the Divorce takes place when there are no children involved, the proceedings are much easier and simplified. Other forms that need to be submitted are a separation agreement and a case information sheet. If the two parties agree to everything, the final decree of dissolution of marriage can be signed within 91 days of the initial petition being filed. This signals the formal end of the marriage.

In case there are disputes that are uncovered by the status conference, the court may order mediation and set the date for a contested hearing.

Need for legal counsel

It's conceivable that you can get through a divorce without legal representation. However, in order to avoid unacceptable delays, save yourself a lot of trouble and hair pulling and even being embarrassed by a lack of knowledge of procedure, it is most advisable to contact a divorce attorney who is experienced in these matters. This holds true even if you and your spouse agree to everything. At Marrison law, we will ensure that your already emotional divorce proceeding is not made worse by the frustrating experience of filing out and maintaining court forms. We will take the steps to give you a minimum hassle divorce proceeding.

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