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Hispanic Couples Can Work with a Spanish Speaking Lawyer in Colorado

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

blog-logoWhen you want to work with an experienced and qualified attorney in Colorado, but your first language is Spanish, it makes sense to look for a Spanish speaking lawyer.  Otherwise, it will be difficult to understand all of the terminology used in the agreements and in court.  Needless to say, this could put you at a severe disadvantage in a divorce proceeding.  Courtrooms are not the place to misunderstand the meaning of what is being negotiated.  It makes a lot more sense to hire a firm that employs Spanish speaking lawyers. 

According to recent census data, more than 15% of the entire United States population is Hispanic.  In fact, the growth of this segment of the population has contributed to 50% of the population growth over the past decade.  Many people may attribute this to the number of immigrants that come into the country every year, but the truth is, most of this growth is due to US births.  As more Hispanic families populate the United States, the need for Spanish speaking lawyers has increased exponentially.

Working with a qualified and experienced family lawyer in Colorado Springs is only as valuable as your ability to understand what they are recommending.  Ideally, your attorney should be equally fluent in English and Spanish, so they can speak on your behalf in court, yet also hear and understand what everyone else is saying. 

Spanish speaking lawyers may not be easy to find if you are looking at family law firms that are located outside of a major city, but if you live near the metropolitan area of Colorado Springs Colorado, a great place to start is with the family law attorneys at the Marrison Family Law LLC.  Whether you need only one Spanish speaking lawyer or several, their attorneys can help.

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