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Tips to Make your Divorce as “Pain-Free” as Possible

Monday, 18 January 2010

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce will tell you, it doesn’t take much for things to get out of control.  Take the advice of this Colorado Springs divorce lawyer, and make your divorce as pain-free as possible.

First, you will want to select an experienced divorce lawyer with terrific negotiation skills. Since less than 10% of all divorce cases end up going to trial, your lawyer will need to do some pretty skillful negotiation on your behalf, whether it is with your ex-spouse’s lawyer or with a court-appointed mediator.


Secondly, you will save yourself a lot of time and headaches later if you get all your financial paperwork together up front.  Keep everything neatly filed and accessible, and you will find the whole process a lot easier.

Whatever you do, never seek revenge during the course of your divorce.  This only makes things worse. Sure, your feelings are hurt and you want to get even, but attempting to do that through the legal system is a recipe for disaster and will usually backfire. 

Aim for a fair settlement that protects both of your interests and prepare to compromise.

Always be totally upfront with your lawyer. The last thing you want is for some missing piece of information to sabotage your case.  If you don’t tell your attorney, he/she will not be able to prepare proper representation for your case.

Lastly, and most importantly, if you have minor children, never, ever use them as pawns to help you achieve your selfish goals in a divorce.  Never use them as a means of communication between you and your ex, and always do what is best for them.  They are going through enough of an adjustment without being caught in the middle of two warring parents. 

These tips are just my favorites among many pieces of legal advice I have for divorcing couples.  One thing is certain: if you are going through a divorce it will probably far more difficult and hurtful than you first suspected.  Once you make a few common mistakes, it is easy to let emotions rule the day.  Consulting with a Colorado Springs divorce lawyer early on will help put your post-marital relationship on the right track before it can become derailed. 

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