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This Colorado Springs Law Firm Can Help You Get a Fair Divorce Settlement

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

blog-logoThankfully, most people don’t get a divorce more than once in their lives and if they do, the second one is usually less painful than the first.  At least that’s what I’m told by my clients.  As anyone who has been through a divorce will tell you; there are many things you can do on your own in a Colorado divorce. But if you want to reach a fair settlement for the division of marital assets, and do so in the most amicable way possible, it is best to work with a reputable Colorado Springs law firm

Before starting with your Colorado divorce, a Colorado Springs law firm will explain to you the process and procedures involved in the dissolution of marriage.  Thanks to recent changes in procedure, a Colorado divorce is handled more efficiently than ever before. Today, a couple seeking a divorce will meet with a judge, magistrate or court facilitator early on, to identify potential problems that may be brewing and allow the court to intervene earlier if needed.  Spouses must also produce specific information and documentation for the court right from the start.  This stipulation is designed to ensure a fair settlement and prevents the court from forcing the parties to produce it later.  These mandates are in place to encourage the parties to “play fair”, and to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.  If there are children in the marriage, a more cooperative approach such as this is expected to extend into Colorado co-parenting agreements.

A Colorado Springs law firm that specializes in family law will help you adhere to the guidelines set forth by the state, and they will present your case in the most professional and family-centered way possible.  Together with your Colorado Springs divorce lawyer, you can end your marriage in a respectful and non-confrontational way that protects your financial interests while looking out for the best interests of your children.  If this sounds like the best way to approach your divorce, the attorneys at the Marrison Family Law LLC can help.

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MPatMarrisonFor over a quarter century, we have helped people during what is often the darkest time in their lives. Divorce is not easy even under the best of circumstances. For most people, family is central. Having something go wrong in the family can have a ripple effect that extends beyond the home and into other areas.

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