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Tips from Top Divorce Attorneys - How to Win a Contested Divorce

Thursday, 28 October 2010

blog-logoDivorce is never easy, not even when everyone agrees and it is wrapped up quickly. When a divorce is contested, however, things can really start to get ugly.  The top divorce attorneys are often called upon to represent clients in a contested divorce because they know all the best strategies to help their clients get the upper hand.  While there are no surefire ways of “winning” in a contested divorce, there are certain ways that top divorce lawyers will be able to balance the scales in your favor. 

Before a divorce can be considered “contested”, the couple must have first attempted to resolve their differences through mediation.  If mediation doesn’t work and certain issues are left undecided, the court will need to determine what is best.  This can include everything from the division of marital assets to the custody of minor children.  Spousal maintenance and child support may also be determined by the court. 

Working with top divorce attorneys during this process can do a lot to ease your mind during a divorce.  They will gather all of the necessary information during the “discovery” phase, prepare all of the documents for the court, and put together the evidence they need to help you win your case. 

Once you are in court, the lawyers will do most of the talking, and may even call in their own witnesses or cross examine witnesses from the opposing party.  Unless you are working with one of the top divorce lawyers during this stage of the process, you could end up with a very disappointing outcome.  A Colorado Springs divorce attorney with years of experience in Colorado family law will be a great asset to you in winning your contested divorce.

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