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How to Prevent a Spouse from Hiding Assets During a Divorce

Thursday, 22 March 2012

family_lawsIf you’re getting a divorce, learning about the sneaky things your spouse might try can be very enlightening, but it will not be your favorite topic.  As a family law attorney in Colorado, I meet a lot of clients who refuse to believe their spouse would attempt to hide marital assets, but they secretly want to know how to detect it.

In a recent article I read in the Huffington Post Divorce section entitled “21 Signs That Your Husband May Be Hiding Marital Assets during a Divorce,” even I was shocked at some of the tricks that made the list.  After practicing family law for more than twenty years, I had never heard of a soon-to-be-separated man renting a private P.O. Box for receiving certain account statements and bills.  The article also warns unsuspecting readers that their spouse may suddenly start gambling and placing undisclosed sums of money “on account” at casinos.  It also cautions women to watch out for financial software programs that suddenly “disappear” from a home computer, or the laptop that holds these records conveniently “crashing.”  All of these signs could be symbolic of a sneaky spouse who is hoping to claim more than his fair share of the marital assets.

If you suspect your spouse is intentionally trying to hide income, squander assets, realign investment portfolios or transfer property to friends, you will need to act quickly.  The office of a family law attorney should be your first stop, and you should immediately gather as much information as possible about your marital accounts.  If you can prove that your spouse intentionally hid marital property during a divorce, it could have serious repercussions in front of a family court judge.

One way to prevent your spouse from hiding marital assets is to have a separation agreement.  A family law office will be able to help you draw up such a document, which specifies how marital assets are to be divided in advance of a divorce settlement.  When couples separate, they start living separate lives in many ways.  It can be very difficult to speak with an estranged spouse about financial matters while going through the divorce process, let alone balance a joint checking account, but a separation agreement can help them avoid the topic entirely.  Wherever possible, it calculates the division of larger assets based on their value at the time of separation.

If you need the help of a family law attorney with experience in separation agreements, schedule a consultation with the Marrison Law Firm.

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