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The Cost of Divorce in Colorado

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Getting divorced is a highly emotional ordeal for most families, especially when there are children involved.  It can be so agonizing that when most people talk about the “high cost of divorce,” they are referring to the emotional toll it takes on families.  But the financial cost is something most people don’t consider, until it is happening to them personally. 

How much will your divorce costs? Ask a Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney

Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer to this question.  It all depends on how complex your situation becomes, and how willing you are to work with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse on settling it amicably.

One way to determine how complex your situation really is is to become familiar with some of the “hot buttons” that may come up during your legal proceedings.  These include, but are not limited, to:

  • A high level of secured and unsecured debt
  • Disagreement on which parent will assume the majority of the parenting responsibilities
  • The presence of a family business
  • A diverse financial portfolio
  • Pension plans and 401K Plans
  • Special needs families, where either a spouse or child is disabled
  • Disagreement on parenting styles
  • Legal entanglements and liabilities
  • Substance abuse by either parent

Even if you think your divorce will be clear cut and simple, conflicts usually arise during this time.  Because of this contention between the parties, mediators play an important role in successful settlements.  Also, since most Colorado couples enter the divorce “pro se”, meaning they do not have legal representation, most will need some kind of guidance on financial and legal decisions before seeking a final decree.  Rather than battling it out in a courtroom, it is usually preferable to work toward a mutual agreement.

If you are seeking the advice of a Colorado Springs divorce attorney, they will often recommend an experienced divorce mediator to help you through this process.  While it can be difficult to guess at the total cost of your divorce, mediation will be a lot less expensive than a case that is litigated in court.  Ultimately, the cost of your divorce will depend on how much time a legal professional spends on your case, and mediation can dramatically reduce that time.

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