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Post divorce decree changes in Child Support

Tuesday, 01 December 2009

Most people don’t even consider this when they get divorced, because there are so many other things to worry about; but if your financial situation changes, your divorce decree can be adjusted.  If you are looking to alter your Colorado divorce decree, a Colorado Springs divorce lawyer can help.

Understanding your rights in a divorce is important, but very few people take the time to learn them.  In fact, it is rare to see couples make many major changes in their divorce decree once it has been issued, even if their current situation calls for it.  In most cases, post-decree issues are financial, but they can also crop up when one party decides to move their primary residence, or when a substance abuse problem arises.

Child support in Colorado can be modified after a divorce if there is a substantial change in financial circumstances.  Parenting time can also be changed, provided that at least two years have elapsed since the last modification or since the decree was issued.  If you lose your job, it is possible to reduce your child support payments temporarily.  This can also be done if you take a lower paying job.  However, child support can increase if you receive a pay increase of at least 10 percent. 

As for custody issues, a Colorado parenting plan can be changed if a child wants to live with a different parent, but it is best to make this type of change on a trial basis since changes can only be made every two years.  If your parenting plan does change, child support will need to be recalculated based on the new arrangement.

If you are considering a change to your divorce decree, or need new modifications done to accommodate a change in circumstances, contact a Colorado Springs divorce lawyer for advice and representation.

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