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Make Division of Property Easier

Thursday, 02 December 2010

blog-logoThere is nothing simple about the process of dissolving a marriage, but there are ways to make divorce easier on your self financially.  When it comes time to divide the marital property, real or otherwise, many divorcing couples make costly mistakes that they later regret. Rather than taking on this challenge alone – and all the paperwork that comes with it – it’s smart to look for divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs who have experience in these matters. 

Most couples consider their home to be the single largest asset in the marriage, but in many cases it is impossible to divide the home and its contents equally.  It may be the home where the children and custodial parent will continue to live. Over the years there may have been costly improvements done to the home, or it may contain expensive furniture that was purchased during the marriage.  Appraising all of these assets and arriving at a “total value” for the home is very difficult, if not impossible. 

In addition to the home, many couples have complex investment portfolios, pensions, family businesses and other assets that cannot be divided without the advice of an accountant.  Working with an experienced team of divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs can make all the difference in how these complicated settlements are resolved. 

Of course, there are instances when liquidating assets and selling the marital home are a necessity; but decisions about how the assets are allocated should never be done without legal representation. Before you make any major financial decisions in your Colorado divorce, be sure to consult with a few divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs and find a divorce lawyer who can offer you sound legal advice about your property settlement.

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