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Should Divorce Be Your New Years Resolution?

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Should Divorce Be Your New Years Resolution? Marrison Family Law for Legal Help

With the holidays almost over, the thought of a divorce is something you've likely tucked away considering the time frame. However, statistics continually show divorces occur more often during the beginning of a new year. Huffington Post scoped out this statistic years ago, showing how the holidays can often wreak havoc on relationships.

It's no surprise that this is a trend when the holidays means being together more often than any other time with the added weight of financial and public pressures. The holidays also bring the most stress, sometimes taking an already shaky marriage to the edge.

If you're planning a divorce in 2018, Marrison Family Law in Colorado Springs can help you through it all with compassion and experience.

Are You Truly Unhappy with Your Marriage?

While the holidays often bring annoyances to the surface, you should be able to tell if you're in an incompatible marriage by looking back to before the holidays, especially if you don't regularly spend time together. However, the holidays can bring up moments that had previously been unrecognizable and can help you identify the next steps for your relationship.

You may realize that prior to the holidays, you only spend time with your spouse out of obligation to your career or your children. You may discover that your marriage has become so routine, that you just go through the motions without really realizing you're not happy.

During the holidays, you have a good litmus test to see if your marriage is truly in trouble. Watch out for a few specific things you'll likely encounter when you're together, alone, or with family.

Some of the Signs of Marriage Troubles

One of the most prominent signs of a deteriorating marriage is not having anything to say to one another. Holiday time is going to give you plenty of incentive to talk, whether in family settings or when spending time together planning activities. Not having anything to say suggests that you've lost interest in one another and your spouse's feelings. While communication should always be open rather than closed, the holidays offer several opportunities to bridge that gap, and if the season doesn’t naturally create discussion, there may be cause for concern.

Lack of engagement is always a major sign. Many people call this being with each other, but not really being with each other. Appreciating each other in a holiday setting is a natural benefit of the season, so if you discover that the holiday spirit has no impact on the way you interact with your spouse, it may be time for you to evaluate the source.

Some other signs to look out for:

  • You're finding yourself preoccupied with other people's needs and problems rather than your spouse's.
  • There isn't any intimacy when you're alone together.
  • You no longer fight. No longer fighting means communication is beyond the point of returning.
  • General unhappiness for several years, including feeling nostalgic at how great your marriage once was rather than now.

Did the End of the Year Make Everything Worse?

Things might come to a head during the holidays when you notice all of the above signs and more, but the holiday spirit may be interjecting as a convenient excuse to avoid the conflict. Prolonging your steps to restore peace in your household is not the best approach, and we are here to guide your through the challenge of confronting the issues in your relationship.

When you have children, things become even more contentious, and it's important to think first about the welfare of your kids. Talking about a divorce to your kids during the holidays is extremely challenging, and it's why so many couples wait to divorce until after the holidays end.

A divorce lawyer who helps bring true compassion to couples facing divorce, including proper child custody and support issues, is your answer for starting the new year on a positive note to regain fulfillment in your household.

Marrison Family Law Brings Compassion to Divorcing Families

Those of you who live in Colorado Springs, Colorado can turn to Marrison Family Law to bring true expertise and compassion toward your divorce.

Even if you've already been served divorce papers, the Marrison legal team is going to help you make the best possible decisions. They'll start with two of the most important: How you'll divide your property, and how you'll raise your kids after the divorce is final. Your legal team helps you deal with child support/custody issues through mediation for a potentially amicable agreement.

Visit Marrison Family Law's website to learn more about divorce law and to get immediate help. We cover the Pueblo area as well as Colorado Springs and are your source for compassionate support.

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