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Domestic Violence Attorney – What Happens if You Are Convicted?

Saturday, 29 January 2011

blog-logoIf there is one thing that should be understood about Colorado’s domestic violence laws it is this – the laws in this state are harsher than most people expect.  As a domestic violence attorney, most of the client’s I’ve defended are shocked when they learn what might happen to them if convicted.  That’s why I always stress the importance of finding the best domestic violence lawyer to defend your case and doing this as early as possible. 

Despite the harsh penalties and immediate restrictions that are put in place from the moment someone dials 911 to report domestic violence, an attorney will know the best way to defend you.  But in the event you plead guilty or are otherwise found guilty by a Colorado court, below is an overview of what you can expect.

First of all, the DA cannot dismiss a charge of domestic violence or accept a plea bargain that removes the “domestic violence” portion of the allegation.  The only way for a person to be “cleared” of this charge is to undergo a jury trial.

If a defendant pleads guilty, or “no contest” to the charge, or is convicted by the court, a permanent restraining order will go into effect immediately. He or she is virtually guaranteed to be sentenced to 36 weeks of therapy, at their own expense, and to be placed on the FBI’s National “Instant Check” system.  This means he or she will never be allowed to own or control a weapon, or any type of dangerous explosive.  All this is in addition to any prison sentence, but either way the conviction will most likely result in a job loss for people in certain professions.  For example, medical doctors and law enforcement officials would almost certainly be dismissed of their duties.

As a domestic violence attorney, many of my clients file an appeal to have these restrictions lifted, but appeals are never an easy battle.  The best way to steer clear of the damage caused by a domestic violence charge is to get professional help before it becomes a legal issue. 

For more information about how a Colorado domestic violence attorney can help you, contact the legal team at the Marrison Family Law LLC for a free consultation.

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