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Domestic Violence in the Colorado Workplace - How can you help?

Tuesday, 03 November 2009
Explains the effects of domestic violence on the work atmosphere in Colorado Springs as well as its financial cost. Explains what can be done about it and what resources are available.

How Domestic Violence impacts work life in Colorado

As of 2009, domestic violence is a major problem affecting the lives of individuals in the workplace. Most of the victims are women and studies show that it takes its toll on one in four women at some time or the other.

The monetary cost of such a factor is very difficult to establish. One must factor in not only the explicit healthcare costs resulting from mental and physical trauma, but also the lost productivity due to stress levels and absenteeism. The healthcare bills alone account for over 4 billion dollars annually.

In addition to the direct impacts on the victim in a workplace, others around them are affected as well. There's no escaping the fact that we live in a social world and what happens to one person, affects everyone else. Under special circumstances, domestic violence might spill over to the workplace as well either because both partners work in the same firm, or more unusually, one partner visits the other at the workplace.

Crafting a Domestic Violence Policy

Companies who would like to institute a comprehensive policy on domestic violence, would do well to contact a professional law firm experienced in these matters since it must be in full compliance with the Colorado statutes. Nevertheless, there should be a few standard areas in which the firm can provide assistance.

For example, a business must make its employees aware of domestic violence and how to recognize it. This can be achieved by spreading literature about the matter as well as conducting seminars or organizing camps. Firms can also help those who suffer from domestic violence by first and foremost ensuring those who come forward that their privacy will be maintained. This can be followed up with a list of resource information which the victim can make use of.

On a more specific level, managers can be instructed to be more accommodating in cases of medical treatment and other adjustments that might be necessary to help the affected person through a difficult time.


The effects of domestic violence in a Colorado workplace is a matter of some concern, especially when such abuse does not manifest itself physically. It is in the interests of every business to ensure that its employees feel safe, thus increasing job satisfaction and productivity. At Marrison Law, we are experienced in helping those who suffer from domestic violence. Contact our attorneys to understand how to formulate a company wide policy.

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