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The Domestic Violence wheel of control and power

Thursday, 22 January 2009

This week I introduce you to the Domestic Violence Wheel, which helps explain the various forms domestic violence can take in Colorado Springs. This article sensitizes the reader to fact that domestic violence is not always physical.

Prevalence of Domestic Violence in our Society

Domestic violence has reached epidemic levels in the United States. As our understanding of family dynamics as well as the psychology of the victims and perpetrators have increased, we have come to understand that domestic violence in Colorado Springs can take many forms. In fact, some of them are so subtle that we may never know that this sort of crime is being committed by our friends and neighbors. We learn more about these forms of abuse from the domestic violence wheel.

Traditionally, violence has always been interpreted as physical and the signs of persistent physical violence have been clear and unmistakable. However, we must also learn to discern the signs of  other forms that are no less damaging. Remember that domestic violence affects children as well as the partner of the abuser.

Domestic Violence Wheel

The Domestic Violence wheel - Forms of physical abuse

We start off with physical abuse that itself takes many forms. Observation of the lives of battered women has taught us that there is a cycle of violence that takes place in three stages. The first stage is the build up of tension in the relationship. Small things, each of them contributing to the final act of violence which is the second stage. The third stage is characterized by an absence of violence.

In fact, it is this third stage that is the most dangerous as it leads the victim to believe that a "change" has come over the perpetrator and that it's fair to give them another chance. Over time however, the cycle becomes shorter and the violent stage becomes more intense and serious.

Other forms of Domestic Abuse

A quick glance at the Domestic Violence wheel shows us the various forms that domestic violence can take. If after looking at this wheel, you recognize that you are the victim of domestic violence, you should contact an attorney  or other legal help immediately.

Intimidation by means of threats of physical violence are the most common form in which non violent domestic abuse takes place. Another frequent manifestation is the routine "putting down" of the victim seeking to make them feel bad and guilty about themselves. This can be done by means of calling them names, humiliating them or making the victim think they're crazy.

Isolation, using children against the partner by threatening to take them away or even sending messages to the victim through the children by means of brainwashing are further forms of domestic abuse.

Finally, economic and sexual abuse take their place as ways and means to dominate a victim. The perpetrator can make the victim beg for money and treat them as a sex object, further degrading them.

Getting help

It's not easy to fight domestic abuse alone. Victims of domestic violence desperately need outside help in order to break the cycle of violence and salvage their dignity. Courts and the process of law can do a lot to help these victims. By contacting an attorney, you can do what is right for you as well as your children. The domestic violence lawyers at Marrison law in Colorado Springs have been working with clients for years in order to help them correct dysfunctional marriages. Contact us now for a free consultation .

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