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Military Child Custody

blog-logoChild custody is complicated enough in a civilian divorce, but when you are serving in the military it can be downright confusing.  It’s not that a military spouse cannot argue for custody in a military divorce, but there has always been an unspoken assumption that military members would not win a custody battle.  That may have been true when men made up a larger portion of the military, but apparently it is no longer the case.

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blog-logoAs a Colorado Springs attorney who specializes in collecting child support from military non-custodial parents, I know how many Colorado parents are confused about their enforcement options.  Like any other situation where child support enforcement is required, the military has a unique set of rules.  Knowing the system is a key element to successfully collecting a portion of military pay towards child support.

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blog-logoColorado Springs has a very strong military presence, with many soldiers moving in and out of the area all year round.  With so many military families experiencing long deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is no wonder that military divorce is on the rise.  Unfortunately, the fallout of this crisis can have a serious impact on their children.  If you have concerns about a long deployment and its potential impact on custody, consult with a Colorado Springs military divorce lawyer.


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MPatMarrisonFor over a quarter century, we have helped people during what is often the darkest time in their lives. Divorce is not easy even under the best of circumstances. For most people, family is central. Having something go wrong in the family can have a ripple effect that extends beyond the home and into other areas.

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