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How to Collect Child Support from a Military Non-Custodial Parent

Monday, 20 December 2010

blog-logoAs a Colorado Springs attorney who specializes in collecting child support from military non-custodial parents, I know how many Colorado parents are confused about their enforcement options.  Like any other situation where child support enforcement is required, the military has a unique set of rules.  Knowing the system is a key element to successfully collecting a portion of military pay towards child support.

As most divorced military families are aware, the laws that pertain to military single parents differ from civilian laws.  For example, one of the penalties for not paying child support is dismissal from the military.  With a strong penalty such as this, one would think that collecting payments for custodial parents would be easy, but it isn’t always so simple for the one who wants to collect. 

Unless you work with an attorney specializing in child support for military non-custodial parents, it is possible to miss some important details pertaining to child support collection.  For example, the correct court order is necessary in order to collect support from military personnel.  This order must be shown to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service so they can garnish the wages of the service member.  Only when a wage garnishment is ordered by the court can the military do anything with the wages of military personnel.  Another thing to remember is that when it comes to enforcement of the order, the military will not assist unless they are presented with a valid court order to do so.  The more specifically the order states that a wage attachment is necessary, the less likely it is to be kicked back to the plaintiff for revisions.

If you need an attorney who has experience with enforcing child support orders among military non-custodial parents, or any other aspects of your military divorce, contact one of the professionals at the Marrison Family Law LLC for a free consultation.

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