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Military Divorce – When it’s Time to Call an Attorney

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

attorneyA lot has been written about the legal issues surrounding military divorce, but few articles focus on preventing it.  With divorce so prevalent in the armed forces today, many couples give up too soon and go directly to a military divorce attorney.

Looking at the alarming rise in military divorce rates, it is obvious that soldiers are under extreme stress.  Multiple tours of duty, extended time away from family, traumatic experiences and a change in world views can all contribute to the rise in military divorce rates. Not surprisingly, statistics show that military divorce rates increase during and after a war.  A comparison between military divorce rates in 2001 and 2004 illustrates this point.  In 2001 there were approximately 5,600 Army divorces and in 2004 that number jumped to 10,477.  The stress of war caused military divorce rates to double during this time period, affecting all branches of the military.

As more service members seek assistance from a military divorce attorney, report feeling unable to cope with daily life after military service.  Combat stress and the intense psychological experiences of war can cause major personality changes, which impact their ability to maintain quality relationships. But military service members are not the only people with higher divorce rates.  Some civilian jobs with dangerous work environments are just as likely to have high divorce rates.

Another reason for the rise in military divorce is a younger marital age.  Statistics have shown that when couples get married earlier than age 23 they are more likely to get divorced, simply because they lack the skills to manage marital conflict.  Military marriages are more stressful to begin with, and it takes a certain level of maturity to handle that.

If you or your spouse is in the military and you genuinely believe that your marriage is headed toward a for divorce, an attorney can help you understand the legal aspects of military divorce.  Unlike traditional divorce lawyers, a military divorce attorney is familiar with the division of military retired pay and issues pertaining to jurisdiction.  He or she will be able to take care of the details and paperwork to expedite a divorce, even while one or both of you is deployed.  Find out more about the benefits of working with a military divorce attorney by scheduling a consultation with the Marrison Law Firm in Colorado Springs.

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