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What do Military Divorce Lawyers do that others do not?

Monday, 15 August 2011

blog-logoHow can military divorce lawyers work behind the scenes on your behalf? 

If you’re worried about getting a divorce while serving on active duty in the military, you have good reason to be concerned.  Not only can it affect your skill level and concentration on the job; you may also have concerns about your military retired pay and other benefits.   In many ways, a military divorce is much different than a traditional one, plus there is the burden of knowing that something is going on back home and you cannot address it.  If you are stationed at one of the many military bases in Colorado Springs, you will soon learn that this is a great place to find military divorce lawyers. 

How are military divorce lawyers different than other divorce lawyers?

Instead of treating your case exactly the same as every other one, a specialized military divorce attorney will know exactly what the law says about jurisdiction in a military divorce.  He or she will also explain to you what the USFSPA law says about dividing military retired pay in a divorce and how a division of military retirement benefits is administered.  They will also know how you can protect your other assets in a Colorado divorce. 

If you are filing for a military divorce in Colorado, military divorce lawyers will help you learn about state and federal laws and how they might impact your military retired pay.  Because these niche-oriented lawyers handle so many military divorce cases, you can be confident that they know how to represent your interests in court.  Even if your military deployment will be overseas for several months or even years, a military divorce attorney can file petitions and pleadings for you in your absence using email signature forms.

In order to divide military retired pay and other benefits, a Colorado court must first have jurisdiction over the service member.  This is a concept that is easily misunderstood but very important to consider. Military divorce lawyers can explain it in greater detail, but jurisdiction refers to the specific objectives that the court must satisfy before it can make decisions in a military divorce case.  Service members often have legal residency in one state, a spouse that lives in another state, and they are stationed in a third state. Before Colorado can have jurisdiction, the state of the divorce must either obtain the service member’s consent, be the state where he or she currently resides, or be the location of his or her legal residence. 

To learn more about military divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs, contact the Marrison Family Law LLC for a no-obligation consultation.

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