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What to Expect from Your Colorado Springs Military Divorce Attorney

Monday, 22 August 2011

blog-logoGetting divorced while serving in the military?  If there is one way to determine if you are talking to the right divorce attorney, ask them to explain the steps they would take in handling your military divorce.  And even more importantly; be sure they can help you in your “jurisdiction of choice.”   A Colorado Springs military divorce attorney will have a lot of experience in the various aspects of your divorce proceedings and will be able to file motions on your behalf while you are on active duty.

Here is what you should expect from your Colorado Springs military divorce attorney:

He or she will explain to you the benefit of ensuring your divorce is filed in the proper jurisdiction, whether that is your home state or the state where you are currently stationed.  If that state happens to be Colorado, where many major military bases are located, you may find that the state laws are working in your favor.  The military outlines the methods of calculating military retired pay, based on how many years you were married while you were serving in the military vs. your total time in the service.  However, once this amount is calculated, the way in which it is distributed will be determined by state divorce laws.

You will also learn about how a military divorce differs from a civilian divorce when it comes to other military benefits, including veteran’s benefits.  The Uniformed Services Former Spouse’s Protection Act (USFSPA) may recognize the court’s right to distribute military retired pay, but it also provides specific methods for enforcing these orders.  In other words, you will find there are a number of rules already in place to protect your interests.  The question is, will you know how to use them to your advantage?

A Colorado Springs military divorce attorney will explain your rights under certain federal and state statutes, and provide advice on how you may want to approach a parenting plan.  Almost every aspect of your military divorce could be impacted by a sudden deployment overseas.  For this reason, your divorce lawyer will need to set things up for you in advance so that he or she can file specific petitions and motions in your absence.  Much of the communication may need to be handled via email, but a military divorce attorney is already accustomed to these challenges. 

Find out more about how a Colorado Springs military divorce attorney can give you the peace of mind you need in a military divorce.

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