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Changes in Custody? This Colorado Springs Law Firm Can Help

Thursday, 23 December 2010

blog-logoModifying a child custody order is not something most people expect to do, but a lot can happen after a couple gets divorced.  One parent could be transferred to a different office and thereby forced to move to another part of the country.  Visitation schedules may become frustrating to children or there could be acts of domestic violence in either household.  When parents remarry, there are often other children from their new spouse’s former marriage, which can result in disputes between children and stepchildren.  All of these things may cause changes in custody. Thankfully, there is a Colorado Springs law firm that can help.

The legal reasons for modifying child custody and/or visitation are based upon changes in circumstances, but the parent seeking the modification must prove to the court that the changes have been significant.  By significant, the law states that the proposed modification is what is best for the child’s welfare.

You may be wondering, what reasons are typically grounds for a change in custody.   According to one Colorado Springs law firm, here is a list of common events or occurrences that pass the test for a “change in circumstances”.

  • When either parent relocates
  • Any act of domestic violence within a household
  • Frustration with visitation
  • Imprisonment of the custodial parent
  • The child’s preference, if they are of a suitable age (usually teenagers)

If a Colorado Springs law firm can prove that the reasons stated in the petition are significant enough, and the best interests of the child would be met with a change in custody, then it is likely that the court will authorize a modification.  If you need the advice of a Colorado Springs custody lawyer, then contact the Marrison Family Law LLC today for a free consultation.

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