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Colorado Springs Custody Lawyer Advises: Keep children out of custody battles!

Wednesday, 07 July 2010

blog-logoSome children have a hard time managing their feelings when parents decide to divorce, and many parents fail to realize this.  Parents can become so embroiled in an attempt to win child custody that they can forget how fragile their children really are.  As a Colorado Springs custody lawyer, I see many parents make the mistake of involving their children in a custody dispute.  Children are much better off not knowing all the details of their parent’s disagreements.

Part of the reason parents make this mistake so frequently is that they are convinced their young child is as opposed to the other parent as they are. More than likely, if a child expresses negative emotions about the other parent, it is because they learn to tell each parent what they want to hear.  Often times, children will enjoy this added attention this brings from each parent, but it is not at all healthy for anyone involved.  Colorado judges and family law attorneys often hear both parties claiming that the child wants to live with them, but when the child is interviewed by a psychologist they find their preference is really for joint child custody. 


Because of this, it is best to avoid extensive discussions about child custody with children.  No matter what they tell you, they may be telling their other parent the exact same thing.   On the other hand, if you suspect a welfare or safety issue, you should always address it.  Keeping an open line of communication will ensure that your child never feels like they cannot tell you what goes on in the other household.   It is a difficult, but very important, balance that needs to be found. 

Request a consultation with the Colorado Springs custody lawyers at Marrison Law.  Our family law attorneys can help you find a divorced parents support group where you can “vent” your frustration about your custody issues.  This will keep you from sharing too many details with your children. 

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