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A Child Support Attorney Can Help You Collect Back Child Support in Lump Sum

Sunday, 26 December 2010

blog-logoLike every other state, Colorado has some stringent laws on the books concerning child support.  Most of these laws are contained with the Colorado Revised Statutes, in Articles 13 and 14.  These laws state that child support is mandated and should always be paid, or negative consequences could ensue.  Child support laws are based on the fact that regular payments are in the best interest of the child and will make a difference in their everyday life.  A child support attorney can help enforce an existing order, and make sure that back child support is paid in a lump sum amount if necessary.

According to the Colorado Revised Statutes, the state will determine how much money is owed per month based on certain statewide guidelines.  These guidelines are set up to ensure that the money owned is a fair amount and that no one gets behind in their child support payments.  However, as a Colorado child support attorney, I am acutely aware of how many noncustodial parents try to ignore their child support obligations.  Sadly, there are simply not enough enforcement agents in the state to follow up on every delinquent case where back child support is owed. 

By the time many custodial parents are able to track down the noncustodial parent and enforce their child support order, they are in dire straits financially.  When a plaintiff can prove to a Colorado judge that their situation warrants it, an order may be made for a lump sum payment on the child support order. 

  • Article 13 in the Colorado Revised Statutes will determine the amount of interest owed for back child support, and also stipulates that a nonpaying parent could lose his or drivers license and other privileges awarded by the state. 
  • In Article 14, it states that wages can be withheld from the defendant’s paycheck as well as from their state and federal tax refunds.

If you are a parent who is not receiving child support, a Colorado child support attorney can help you recover the money that is owed in arrears, as well as the regular payment schedule ordered by the court.  For a free consultation with an experienced child support attorney, contact the Marrison Family Law LLC.

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