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Child Support in Colorado Springs

Thursday, 20 December 2007
Our attorneys in Colorado Springs help you estimate your child support payments in Colorado by using a child support calculator.   If your computer is equipped with excel, you can use the child support calculator found at the state judicial website: Sometimes these child support calculators are helpful but they will only get you so far:

If your income varies, or if you own a business, determining what income should be used may require a child support attorney. Child support law in Colorado is contained in Colorado Revised Statute Section 14-10-115, and provides the child support guidelines, which are based on the combined gross income (before taxes) of both parents. All income, from whatever source, is included, except voluntary overtime (or second jobs) and income of new spouses, which is not counted. Other children of only one party, not the responsibility of the other party, also affect child support, as do expenses for medical insurance, day care, and certain other expenses expected to be shared between the parties, such as private school, uninsured medical expenses, travel expenses of the children.

Every state has an child support agency, called Child Support Enforcement in Colorado Springs, which helps with the establishment and collection of child support for a small, or no fee. These child support services have interstate enforcement ability, including the interception of tax returns, the restriction of drivers licenses, or professional licenses, and other enforcement powers.

The down side to using the child support enforcement services is that they are sometimes very slow, due to the large volume of child support cases, and child support payments they are asked to collect. An experienced child support attorney in Colorado such as the child support attorneys at The Marrison Family Law LLC, can help you obtain a quick resolution to your child support issue, whether it is establishing child support, collecting child support, modifying your current order, or child support enforcement.

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