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Colorado Springs Child Support Lawyer – How Support Battles Affect Children

Wednesday, 09 February 2011

blog-logoIf you ask a Colorado Springs child support lawyer, there are many aspects of Colorado child support law that could be improved.  One of these is the fact that the calculations for support exclude many of the child-related expenses incurred by the custodial parent.  Similar to the laws in many other states, Colorado statutes make the wrongheaded assumption that parents will cooperate with one another and share the burden of extracurricular activities.  But it is rare to see this happen, which means the custodial parent either tells the children “no” to sports, lessons and birthday parties, or they pay for it themselves. 

This may not sound like an insurmountable problem for divorced parents, but it is an issue that causes undue tension between parents and children.  Children of divorce are already facing obstacles to their success, but having their parents continue the child support battle well into their teenage years can have a negative impact on their self-esteem.  No matter how well they accept the practical financial decisions parents must make, it can still hurt when it seems like neither parent is able to bear the responsibility of all the "extras".  Even the best child support attorney cannot prevent this from happening, because the Colorado child support laws are not designed to let them.

A Colorado Springs child support lawyer who has experience in these matters may recommend ongoing mediation to resolve disputes between parents.  Remember, fights over money can lead to some of the most damaging family law cases of all - and when these battles are focused on child support, they can be particularly damaging to the children. In the end, it is only money. Whether it is a disagreement about where the children go to school, or whether they should take music lessons, children can be adversely affected if parental battles rage on.  An attorney will take the argument into forum where civility reigns – the mediation room – and help you work out the nuances of your child support order. 

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