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Unemployment and Child Support in Colorado

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

child-support-colorado-springsCompared to unemployment rates in other states, Colorado is not doing so badly.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks Colorado as 24th out of 50 states, with a current unemployment rate of 7.6% (May 2009), compared to a national unemployment rate of 9.4%. 

This news may not help you much if you are a single parent who recently lost your job.  Unemployment insurance is rarely enough to pay the bills, and this is especially true for single parents.  If you feel your employment situation qualifies you for a modification of an existing Colorado child support order, it may make sense to consult with an experienced Colorado Child Support Attorney.

If you are receiving or paying child support, and recently became unemployed, your local Child Support Enforcement (CSE) unit can help.  Child support payments are calculated on current, actual circumstances of both parents.  Any ongoing change in the financial circumstances of either party, including unemployment or underemployment, can result in a modification of an existing order of support.  Colorado defines a significant change as at least a ten percent decrease, or increase, in the amount of payable child support. 

A Colorado Springs Child Support Lawyer can help you determine if a temporary, post-decree modification will be in the best interest of your family. 

If you are paying child support in Colorado, and recently lost your job, your request for a temporary reduction in payments may help you minimize the financial repercussions of your job loss.  However, if you are planning to file a petition to modify support, do it as soon as possible after your job loss.  Reviewing and changing an order of support can take up to six months, but any changes in your support obligation will be retroactive to the filing date. 

One thing to keep in mind, for both parents, is that a review could result in the ordered amount going up, instead of down, especially if your case has not been reviewed in awhile.  Child support is calculated by reviewing the total income for the custodial and non-custodial parents, the number of children receiving support, and any expenses for the children.   A Colorado Child Support Lawyer can help you understand the guidelines, and determine whether a support is right for you. 

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