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Colorado Springs Family Lawyer: Consider Your Child’s Needs before Finalizing a Parenting Plan

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Gone are the days when a Colorado court would award custody of the children to the mother automatically.  Today’s courts will look at a number of factors, including the home environments of each parent, whether the children are exposed to drug or alcohol abuse, suitable child care arrangements and the quality of living arrangements and educational opportunities.  A Colorado Springs Family Lawyer will be able to examine your current home situation and help you construct a strong case that will be approved by the courts.


In general, when it comes to a final decision on custody, Colorado courts will put both parents on equal fitting and ask them to convince the court as to where the children should live.  However, once a child reaches the age of 12, the court will also give them a say in where they want to live. 

If you are trying to convince a court that your current custody arrangement isn’t working, then you will need to present some very strong evidence to prove this. Most Colorado courts are very reluctant to uproot children from their familiar surroundings without a convincing argument showing that the change is in the children’s best interests.  Any decision that is made will place a high priority on stability and continuity.

Situations which the court may approve a change in custody include when the child is having serious issues with a step-parent, or has become combative with their custodial parent.  In cases where the child’s academic progress is suffering for a long period of time, or he or she is depressed in the current home environment, the courts may consider a change. 

If you need some advice on how to move forward with the court process for determining custody, a Colorado Springs Family Lawyer can help you immensely. 

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