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Forming a family: Clarifying three adoption myths

Sunday, 03 November 2019

Adoption by stepparents is a common process in the U.S. and in other parts of the world. When the biological parent's spouse is willing to take on parental duties, legally adopting the child may be a sound decision. However, this setup is not for everyone, especially if the stepchild has a biological parent who is present in his or her life, and/or still provides support. Marrison Family Law in Colorado offers assistance to a parent who wants to adopt a stepchild. Here are some legal matters worth considering.

The rights of the biological parent: If the biological parent is still alive, then they must be willing to relinquish their parental rights or if unwilling, they must be found to have abandoned the child such that the child becomes available for adoption. However, if the biological parent cannot be found, or doesn't want to relinquish rights, enlisting the help of an experienced family lawyer can help.

Compliance with state adoption laws: Adoption laws vary with each state. Marrison Family Law suggests enlisting the help of legal professionals to help stepparents complete the state's legal requirements.

Court hearings: Stepparents must ensure their presence during the hearing for the finalization of the adoption. To learn more about how these hearings are conducted, the stepparent's legal team will walk their clients through the process.

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