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Parental Rights

Family law attorneys may spend most of their time dealing with divorce, child custody and support issues, but parental rights are another area that falls into their domain.  In addition to giving parents physical rights to spend time with a child, parental rights also include the right to decide on the type of education, religion, health care and morals a child should have.  Beyond that, these rights also come with responsibilities, which include providing the children with clothing, food and shelter and all necessary child support, healthcare, etc.

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Parental Rights in Colorado

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Each state has their own laws and judicial mandates regarding parental rights. This article is a discussion of Colorado family law as it applies to children or parents residing in the state and also is informative for the military families based in and around our Colorado Springs family law offices. 

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social_media_custody_battleAs the audience for social media sites continues to grow, many divorce attorneys are advising their clients to be careful with their online presence.  Some are going as far as telling them to delete their Facebook accounts right away, particularly clients who are involved in a custody battle.  But that isn’t always necessary.  Family lawyers often recommend a new level of privacy on social media accounts.

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blog-logoWhen a couple with children gets divorced, there is nothing that arouses more hostility between them than decisions concerning child custody.  Even the most amicable separations can quickly turn volatile when the parties meet to discuss a parenting plan.  As a Colorado child custody attorney who represents clients in custody battles, I often feel more like a referee than a lawyer.

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blog-logoLet’s face it; divorce is messy.  Unfortunately, the children of divorce often become leverage that one parent tries to use against the other.  For example, it’s tempting for parents who are embittered by the end of their marital relationship to “punish” each other in a custody battle.  Some may even go so far as trying to terminate the parental rights of the other parent. 

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blog-logoThe termination of a parent’s rights to his or her children is a very sensitive topic, and one that is defined by the Colorado courts in one of two ways.  Depending on the situation, a court will either terminate parental rights voluntarily or involuntarily. 

In cases where both biological parents agree, a court may allow a parent to voluntarily terminate parental rights, but only when certain factors are taken into consideration. 

The court must be sure that the parent wishing to terminate their rights is not doing so because of undue influence, duress, or improper pressure from others.  In cases where a birth parent is under the influence of drugs or other substances that could affect his or her judgment, or other situations where the action would be in the best interests of the child, the court may grant a voluntary termination of parental rights

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The Legal Aspects of Teen Pregnancy

Thursday, 03 February 2011

blog-logoIf you're a parent of a teenage girl who has recently become pregnant, you may be thinking about more than just the legal aspects of her condition.  But after the shock wears off and reality starts to set in, it is very important for you to understand the rights and responsibilities of your daughter and the father of her child.  Why is this so important?  Colorado Springs family law attorneys are often consulted about custody issues and child support for teenagers who choose to keep their baby, but unless you have personally dealt with these issues yourself, you may not be familiar with the family court system in Colorado. 

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blog-logoNot long ago, people just assumed that the mother would prevail in a custody battle when a couple got divorced, and the father would be limited to alternating weekends for visitation, but there is a new way to look at parenting time in your Colorado Springs divorce

Instead of using the same outdated assumption in determining a custody ruling, Colorado family court judges have begun to reevaluate the way parenting time is allocated.  One reason for this is that the court’s original assumptions were based on familial roles that have changed considerably over the years. 

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blog-logoThe threat of losing a custody battle can bring out the worst in parents, causing them to act in ways that are inconsistent with their character.  But there are some occasions when a passionate custody battle is warranted.  In a Colorado Springs custody dispute where one parent is truly unfit, a Colorado Springs custody lawyer can help. 

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