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Colorado Springs Child Custody Lawyer: Divorced Dads and Visitation

Tuesday, 02 February 2010

Divorced dads often find themselves in the position of feeling left out of their children’s lives, especially if their ex-wife has remarried or their children’s schedules are consistently “booked”.  It is hard enough being an outsider in your children’s lives, but it is even harder when you feel you must “negotiate” for the little bit of time you do spend with them.  A Colorado Springs Child Custody lawyer can help you enforce the terms of your parenting plan and regain the relationship with your children that you once had.


Colorado family courts are acutely aware that any parenting plan must favor the best interests of the children.  For this reason, it is no longer the “mom” that calls the shots.  As long as you and your attorney can present historical evidence of your prior relationship with your children, and your attempts to make visitation work, you should have no problem getting the courts to see things your way.

Your children have already had to live with the reality of having divorced parents, so it is usually in their best interest to ensure that they maintain a relationship with both parents.  It is the best way to give them a stable and secure life, despite the divorce. 

It may seem unfair that you are faced with the vagaries of visitation, an all-too-brief amount of time with your children, especially if you compare it to the relationship you once had with your children.  For this reason, it is absolutely critical that you fight for your custodial rights.  An experienced Colorado Springs child custody lawyer can help.

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