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Colorado Springs Family Lawyer Discusses Parental Alienation

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

blog-logoAs a Colorado Springs family lawyer, I see many parents attempt to alienate the other parent in order to win the love and affection of their child.  They do this by systematically poisoning their child’s mind about the other parent.  In most cases, this is done by the custodial parent, who also holds a special position of trust with their child. 

Unfortunately, since young children are so easily influenced by their parent’s opinions, it is easy for a child to turn away from the other parent.  These actions can be somewhat difficult to prove, especially with small children.  However, more and more Colorado custody lawyers are being called into review custody orders based on accusations of parental alienation. 

Family courts are not likely to change a custody order based only on accusations of parental alienation or custodial interference, but if this is occurring in your family it is important to make the court aware of it frequently.  If a track record can be shown and custodial interference has had serious adverse effects on a child, then the court may consider a change in custody.

Ultimately, the court will aim to do whatever is in the child’s best interests.  If parental alienation, interference or manipulation by one parent threatens the emotional ties that a child has with the other parent, then an attorney can help you prove this to the court.  If you are facing this kind of situation in your family, it is important to act on it quickly.  A Colorado Springs family lawyer will discuss your legal options and present your case in court.

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