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blog-logoWhen most men hear the words “paternity attorney”, a chill runs up their spine.  That’s because so many movies and public scandals have revolved around the negative aspects of paternity; particularly being “sued for” paternity.  But in reality, most people who hire paternity lawyers are not women who are looking to prove anything about the father of their child; rather, it people hire a paternity attorney for a mix of reasons.

Here are some of the more common reasons for hiring a paternity lawyer:

  • There are certain instances where a child was born to an unmarried couple and only the mother is listed on the birth certificate.  When this is the case, the father may ask a paternity attorney to confirm his paternity and grant him all of the appropriate parental rights. 
  • Another reason to establish paternity is when a man is acting as a “defacto” parent.   Defacto parents are often referred to as psychological parents, and are not necessarily related to the child biologically.  This can occur when a family member or friend is raising a child that is not their own.
  • Certain cases exist where a paternity test is necessary in order to establish parental rights with your children.  When this occurs, it is wise to consult with a Colorado Springs paternity attorney with experience in Colorado family courts.
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blog-logoBeing tested for paternity can be one of the most intimidating experiences in a man’s life; especially given the waiting time for results.  But today’s testing has changed quite a bit since the first DNA tests were administered.  For example, a Colorado paternity attorney can recommend genetic fingerprinting techniques, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and restriction fragment length polymorphism.  Don’t let the big words confuse you; these are the same tests that most paternity lawyers recommend to their clients.

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blog-logoYou may have always dreamed of becoming a parent, but being served with a paternity action is probably not the way you had planned on becoming one.  Perhaps you've bee served with a lawysuit but you not even sure if you're the father.  It may be a good idea to challenge the action, especially if you no longer are in contact with the mother.  If you plan to take a paternity test and you live in the state of Colorado, then it may be time to speak with a paternity attorney

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blog-logoEstablishing paternity in Colorado can be tricky, especially if the paternity you are trying to prove will make someone financially responsible for a child he doesn’t live with or has never met.  But not all paternity cases in Colorado are about collecting child support.  In some cases, men want to protect their parental rights when they haven’t been clearly established at the time of their child’s birth.  With so many more couples cohabitating, even parents who get along well will want to establish paternity.  This way, a separation won’t adversely impact the life of their child.  Whatever your reason for establishing paternity in Colorado, a Colorado Springs paternity attorney move the process forward.  An attorney can also help if you have received a summons for paternity and are not sure how to respond.

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With the growing number of unwed mothers in America, cases of paternity fraud are on the rise.  Paternity fraud is when a mother attempts to collect child support or other benefit s from someone who is not the father of their child.  Until recently, Colorado law disallowed an unmarried or divorced man from being removed from an order of support once he had been judged as the legal father, despite the existence of DNA evidence that proved otherwise.
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Colorado law allows the evidence of Genetic Testing to determine Paternity. This testing, as we shall see, does not necessary mean DNA testing (which is a common misconception). We will also look at other aspects of such testing regarding disputes and documentation

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Explains the importance of paternity establishment in Child custody cases. Also provides an overview of whom the courts usuall prefer to hand custody over to.

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Colorado Paternity Issues

Friday, 16 January 2009
This article explores the need for establishing paternity as per the Colorado paternity laws, as well as the consequences of doing so. Also explains a few situations where Paternity in Colorado is implied.
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